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7 is my number.

In Uncategorized on February 2, 2012 at 5:21 pm

At what age does someone claim something to be their favorite?

Presumably early in life, eh?  As children, we make numerous declarations of what we like and want.  Our experiences establish a rhythm and pattern of “things” that afford pleasing sensations and then – POOF – it becomes a favorite.  Hmmm… I can’t even recall the age when I declared my two favorite things.   Nonetheless, for as long as I can remember, my two constant and only two favorite things have been as such:  the color green and the number  7.  I am innately drawn to them – and with favorite things, that is truly all that matters!

The color green… it all started as my favorite crayon.  Now, it  is incorporated into my wardrobe, sprinkled throughout my home decor and always the color I select for my toothbrush.  This color is characterized as soothing.  It is considered to be harmonious, mentally relaxing and refreshing.  Haha – silly me gets an adrenaline rush at the sight – especially when presented with a plate adorned with vibrant green salads and veggies!  My added bonus?  The color surrounds me in nature.  This daily intake of the color green is a visual treat and it adds a lil’ pep in my step!

The number 7.  My number 7.  Being the date of my birth, I’m thinking that the attraction was inevitable.  Upon learning to write, it was always my favorite number to scribble.  Svelte and sleek in shape, the number emits power.  Haha – I have a tendency to vacillate between the implied meaning and significance of the number 7.  A  host of mathematicians and theologians have made their claims, but my number 7 is just simplified.  It just is what it is.  It has a mysterious rhythm and I subconsciously look for its presence in my daily grind.  I find it comforting, lucky – and sometimes a sign of fate.

Fate it would be.  For…

7 months ago.

In the 7th month of the year.

On a whirlwind trip.

I discovered a new favorite… and became moon struck by Paris.

A whirlwind trip is an understatement.  53 hours to be exact.  Me, one of my best girlfriends, her daughter, my daughter and a quaint 30 room hotel.  Each of us, virgins to the city…  unfamiliar with the culture and the language but eager to soak it ALL in.  Countless priceless memories – especially my daughter, the aspiring fashion designer, laying her eyes on the Eiffel Tower for the first time – with me by her side.  I knew at first sight – the city and I were kindred spirits.  You pick the rendition – Roberta Flack or the Fugees – but the city… it was “Killing Me Softly.”  Then and there, my girlfriend and I made a vow — we would return.

And today is the day!

This time, lodging in a spacious three-bedroom apartment with an African inspired motif and oversized windows… and sharing the experience – including myself – with 7 women.  7 women, each charismatic and uniquely beautiful, coming from near and far to inhale the enchanted city and celebrate life — and to simply be “in the moment.”

Yep… I said it – celebrate life!

What an awesome concept, eh?!

Blame it on a clear understanding of the ever-present notion that LIFE IS SHORT.  With that, I say why not?  Why not grasp… clutch tightly… better yet create and take your moments?  I know I am.  Where there is a will… of course we know the rest – so – I made my way!  Even picked up a fun side gig to generate some play money – shameless plug inserted here:  Happy to say that the stars have aligned – cuz baby, with passport in hand and suitcase packed – I am off on a sweet journey.  The sweetest element?  In the midst of it all, while I immerse myself in my new favorite city… my favorite 7 will occur – another birthday.

Sigh… 7 is my number…

and that is about all a girl cay say.

Oh!  Did I mention that the wool coat accompanying me on my trip is a jaw-dropping shade of green?!

Haha — wouldn’t have it any other way!