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Ready. Set. Click. Yes, she Canon!

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unnamedIntuitively creative and artistic, eh?

Those in my circle would offer that as an assessment of my current photography skills… and humbly, I would  agree.

Attracted to every aspect of photography… countless hours of snapping images, reading, studying other photographers and web searching have been invested.  Haha — an abundance of trial and error indeed — if you only knew how I have pained over creating bokeh in my compositions!

Self- taught, and a decent photographer… I know that the information untapped is considerable.  Still perplexed by aperture, still perfecting composition and working my camera in manual mode, the mission of becoming astute continues to be the goal.

Action plan?


The action plan has been implemented and it is time for that next step… one that is LONG overdue.

Actually, it should read as such:  L. O. N. G. OVERDUE… for commencing tomorrow, yours truly is beginning studies as a student in the Washington School of Photography, Professional Photography Program.

Shhhhhh.  Listen carefully… you can hear me shouting from the rooftops…“Oh freaking happy day!”

All things happen for a reason…. and the reason that this endeavor hasn’t happen sooner, will perhaps one day be revealed.  I know for certain that timing is crucial; patience even more so.  Especially since two years prior, I participated in conversations with the program registrar and opted out — knowing that a “right-fit” wasn’t right then.

Since that conversation, the signs indicating that I needed to move forward, have been everywhere.   Even more so now…

How does one describe that feeling… the feeling of knowing that the moment is now right.  Elated?!  Yep… elated!

Big picture though…  29 days ago, my 45th birthday was celebrated.

For me, birthdays offer wonderful opportunities to be relished by loved ones, reflect on accomplishments and roadmap the way for new birthday wishes made.

Since turning 40 in the midst of an awful snowstorm… celebrating with friends and family in Paris on my 42nd birthday and shaving my head on my 43rd birthday, that day, 7 February, serves as momentum for newness.

More important, the wisdom that is gained with each passing birthday, I am truly compelled to share.  Since I am constantly learning from others, my hope is that perhaps someone; mainly my two children and especially my daughter (who, even though she will not admit it, is always carefully watching her mother’s actions) can possibly gain something from my experiences.

Back to the big picture…

Tomorrow marks more that just the beginning of a photography program.  It marks the notion that all things are possible and it is NEVER too late to pursue your aspirations!

Back in late December of 2014, serious preparations for this program officially went into play.  All with the objective of pursuing a dream and entering another birthday with a next step of improvement secured — fulfilling a wish made.

In being transparent, the African proverb – It takes a village – is applicable to me.  Without embarrassment I say that even at 45 years of age and working full-time outside of the home, the financial investment of family has enabled this opportunity to become reality.  For that, I am eternally grateful… and deeply touched that they too share my dream and see my potential.

More transparency…

What used to embarrass me and cause me angst in conversation is no more.  Never a untruth told… I just artfully evaded the question or skillfully used semantics in my favor when answering… but truth be told, I did not graduate from college.  For a long list of reasons (some 23 years later, many of which now seem so frivolous) the years spent at The College of William and Mary did not yield a degree… instead, a wealth of knowledge, an unforgettable experience, a close circle of friends, a compassionate man who became my husband and a career in interior design.  Haha — perhaps I did graduate, eh?!

Sans degree, I still know that knowledge is key and educating/investing in yourself is a nonnegotiable.

So… with the many hats that I wear, I am eager to add another and take my photography to the next level.  When my children become adults and coherent to rhythms of adult life, I am hoping that my actions make them proud.  I am hoping that they view me as a role model and see my appetite to improve myself as tenacious… and in their own life, they too follow suit.

This past Christmas, my husband gifted me with a phenomenal 50mm lens for my camera.  His way of offering me a nudge in the direction of my goals.  His words… “Kisha, you are about to blow up!”  My interpretation of his words… in a true T.I fashion, “do it, do it, do it… whatcha waiting for?  Big things poppin’!”

I’m on the move… and my appetite for photography is ravenous.

And… over this year-long program, I intend on quenching it and getting full!

Taking it one step further, my life as a stella & dot stylist and the company mission have definitely been a fantastic influence on my photography ventures… that mission:  to give EVERY woman the means to style their own life.

Well here I go… here I go!

Ahem… what was that?  Did you say you needed to hire me to take your picture?  (wink. wink)


Very soon.











































A rebirth on a birthday…

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IMG_8097I did it because I was curious.

I did it because part of me was a stranger.

I did it because I craved a change.

I did it because it was honestly long over due.

And, by doing so, I wanted my actions to be a bold and brave example for my children… especially my daughter.

What pray tell did I do?

Haha… not groundbreaking news in the least.  But for me, a rebirth of sorts.

I have decided to stop using relaxers and chemically straightening my hair.  I am joining the ranks and “going natural” — you had better believe, I am ready for my natural hair texture to make its debut!  Obviously, in order to sport my natural texture, that relaxed stuff has got to go. Hmmmm… time for a transition.

Like the many who have made and will make this transformation, each transition method is incredibly personal and varies.   For me… I tend to air on the side of impatience.  Once I finally committed to the decision, I wanted to start from scratch.  A quicker and more noticeable metamorphosis was the goal.


I shaved my head.

It sounds so matter of fact, eh?  Straightforward and unemotional, “I shaved my head.”  So not the case.

It has been years in the making.  Years of contemplating.  Years of changing my mind.  Years of being curious as to what hair texture resided under all of that relaxed hair.  Years of pondering — would I even be able to style the mysterious curls that would sprout without a relaxer in my hair?  Years of not being ready because I was concerned (truth be told… fearful) of what others may think.  Years of wondering how I might be perceived without my relaxed hair.   Years… years… YEARS!

Actually, last year, during a week-long birthday trip to Paris, I was “this” close… “this” close to making the transition and shaving my head.  I never mentioned it to anyone… not even the girls that accompanied me on the trip.  I was going to wait for my birthday and just do it.  Considering that I adore aesthetics, a “story” and creating “moments”… you would think that the scenario was ideal.  Naaaaah.  I chickened out!  I just wasn’t fully committed to my decision and still unnecessarily anxious as to what people would say.

What boggles my mind is that in other areas, I would say that I certainly display confidence and can be exceedingly vocal with my opinion.  With my relaxed hair, I have never been shy… I am not timid about cutting it or even experimenting with color.  Ahhhhhhh… I do adore vibrant shades of red!  But walking away from a relaxer and NOT chemically straightening my hair — it would just stop me in my tracks.  Being afraid of the unknown, literally stopped me in my tracks!

As a five-year old child, my mother started using a relaxer to help her manage my thick head of hair.  A head of hair that drastically differed from her very fine curls.  It was what I knew.  Continuing into adulthood, I maintained what my mother established.  And when my daughter’s thick curls grew thicker, I would sometimes reach for a children’s texturizer  to assist me as well.  Truth be told… I loved the look of a relaxer in my hair and I liked the styling options.  But… decades and decades of chemically straightening my hair has resulted in damage, breakage and thinning.

Now, I desire a change.

The courage has been slowly churning and brewing inside… and just like a roller coaster cranking up a hill, now it’s time for the ride!  It’s kinda like one of those bucket list items and going against the norm.

Unlike last year, when I attempted to make this change, I did decide to discuss my intentions.  I talked to my baby sister.  I value her opinion and had questions  about her natural hair and her experiences.  In an effort to possibly gauge the reaction of people in my corporate interior design environment, I mentioned it to a co-worker who has been employed with the company for a considerable amount of time.  I also talked to my husband and my two children.  I knew that my husband would be supportive and in my corner.  Being 14 and 12, I was uncertain as to how my children would respond.  Questions and answers… more questions and answers, not about me wanting to refrain from relaxers, but about how I might look with my shaved head while my hair grows back.  Haha… kids, eh?!  To the rest of those very close to me, I remained quiet.  I think I just wanted their raw reaction… either once they saw me, or when they read this blog.

I will say that I  also did a fair amount of research…

Google, scores of YouTube videos, facebook pages, blogs, hair product websites.  SO much information available.  Happily, I have made several discoveries!  Nine new products purchased from Carol’s Daughter and are sitting on my bathroom counter for my daughter and me.  I registered at Curl Box and  I am just waiting for them to extend the invite.  I started following…ahem, actually addicted to Whitney and her Naptural85 blog, vlog and YouTube channel.  Her natural hair transition commenced in 2008.  From the videos that I have watched thus far, her time-saving tips with make my transition a breeze and will easily aid me in taking better care of my daughter’s gorgeous head of hair.

So today, on my 43rd birthday, I am happily welcoming this brazen attitude towards my new hair journey.

Don’t get me wrong… there is still an element of nervousness.  Knowing that today was the day, I woke up with butterflies in my stomach.  Game day, eh?!  All of the hair routines that I have comfortably established and that are second nature… they have got to shift.  But keeping it really “real”… the nervousness truly stems from me wondering what will be my reaction to my newly shaven head?  Liberating… is what I was told by a girlfriend who shaved her head decades ago.  Hmmm… will I feel liberated?

It’s game day… game day… game day!

The kiddos are at school and my husband has taken the day off of work to share with me… create my “story” and share this “moment”.

Together… we shaved my head!

Haha… kinda romantic, eh?!

Scissors in hand, he made the first snip.

Snip. Snip. Snip!  It was then when anxiety began to lessen.  By the time he used the clippers I was at ease.  BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.  The sound filled the bathroom.  Interesting sensation having one’s head shaved.  My very first exposure to clippers was a mixture of comical and (as my girlfriend mentioned to me so many years prior) liberating!  All of that hair falling… and (as I do, keeping it real) all of the dry flaking skin scattered all over me and on the bathroom floor… thirty minutes later, I was in awe of this new look.  My new look.  Bold and sexy.  WOW, who knew I had such a cute little head!  I can’t stop touching it.

Talk about new experiences… the shower afterwards was so refreshing.  I have never…EVER felt the spray of the shower head directly on my scalp.  No hair… just scalp!  This is my new world, eh?  Or at least until it begins to grow back.  Haha… and until it grows back, my husband and I are twins!

You know what I am really wondering?  How long will it take to grow enough hair so that I can color it red?  Haha… I never said that I was walking away from the color… and with my new curls, I am certain that I will love it even more!  I’ve just gotta find color that is fitting for my new texture.

shavedHappy happy birthday to me!

I couldn’t think of a day more fitting to make this transition.  My rebirth on my birthday.  Hmmmm, now when my kids get home, I wonder what they will say?

Stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted!



…and with this, my fashion feet stay firmly planted!

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Funny how such simple thoughts can easily transition into something so significant.

You know… thoughts that to others my appear trivial.  Frivolous thoughts that we often apply to our lives subconsciously and somehow they evolve into these self-imposed rules… rules that we abide by with resolute dedication.

Haha… things like which direction to place the toilet paper on the holder (ahem… flap OVER in my house), what color dishes you purchase (only white for me for I love the way the clean canvas shows off the food) or what sock/shoe goes on first (left for me… always left).

I tend to do this MORE than I care to mention.  My friends would probably blame it on slight obsessive compulsive tendencies… but I’m going to chalk it up to me… just being me!  If I had to apply a ratio, I would say that for the most part these self-imposed rules air on a quirky side and truly are only beneficial to me.  However, there are moments that merit an “ah-ha”… and these are the moments in which I feel compelled to share.

In writing my last blog, I stumbled upon yet another “note” written on Sunday, 15 March 2009.

Titled “Random thoughts regarding fashion…” I posted it on my facebook page, unsure of how it would be received.  Surprisingly, those self-imposed rules generated a healthy response. Hmmmmmm… perhaps I was onto something and had I listened to the advice of others, could have been established much sooner, eh?!

Not a surprise when I say that in revisiting that post, it all still rings true today.  Actually… and I say this emphatically, I would say that when it comes to those fashion rules, I am steadfast.  Unwavering.  Haha… completely committed!

Soooooo, since I shared before, I eagerly share again.  The camaraderie of womanhood is and has always been the muse.

3 years later, here it goes again… but, since I do have those “mild” obsessive compulsive tendencies, I have added just a few thoughts (possibly slight interruptions in the original flow of the post)… all noted by the italics.


Random thoughts regarding fashion…

For whatever reason, I have this overwhelming desire to write (as if I were this “in demand” stylist) a “real woman’s/on a budget, but I want to look fabulous” guide to fashion. Chuckle, if you must, but after reading, I do believe, that even the most hard to win critic, will walk away with a tip… or two.

I know, I know, you have read them in all of the magazines…

The essentials we all must own, the top 5, 10, 15, 25, gazillion things that everyone must wear… and most of us (me included) are somewhat addicted to the television shows, that steer the lost into the light… cough, cough “What Not To Wear” cough, cough…(for the record, I adore Stacy London and Clinton Kelly and would embrace an opportunity to chat with them both).  So check this out, I DID meet Stacy London, 15 April 2012 and she is just as energetic and spirited as I had imagined!
Nonetheless, we read, we watch, we try and wonder… whose advice do we follow, who is right?
All of them? None of them? Some of them?

The answer: they all have something to offer. And it is just that simple.

So ladies, if it were to have a title, let’s just call it “After a bit of trial and error, Kisha recommends…”

· First and foremost, be honest with yourself, without guilt or shame and learn your body type.  Embrace your assets and STOP worrying about what you don’t have.  Apple, pear, hour glass shapes… narrow hips, full hips, long torso, short torso, fuller breast and smaller breast… we learned in our middle school health classes that we were built differently.  So, discover what do you have.  Study your nude body in the mirror, jot down a few notes and let that be your roadmap when investing in your wardrobe. The result… all future purchases will only accentuate the positive!

· Once you figure out what is going to work for you, the next objective is to find who sells it!  You probably already know this, but it is worth repeating… every store is not going to work for your body type.  AND, there are probably stores that will work best for you when you are looking to purchase bottoms and others, which you will go to when needing tops.  This you will only discover by trying on, trying on and more trying on… perhaps a bit tedious in the beginning… but the payoff, once you discover “who” is for you… priceless!  All I will add is this:  Ladies, as we age… we must be willing to let go of some of the stores that no longer cater to our MAGNIFICENT age and body types.  There is a sophistication and incredible beauty in becoming older.  Our wardrobes should reflect that attitude.

· Invest a bit of extra money, in pieces of clothing that work for you and are a necessity for your lifestyle. We all have our favorite “inexpensive” store that we frequent for that one piece, for that one event… but, we do so knowing, that after a few washes, that item has a short lifespan in our closet. But, for those key items that we need for work, or home, or all of the after work cocktail parties – spend a bit more, invest in garments made with higher quality fabrics, launder them properly and you will quickly see your hard earned dollars go further.

· Own jeans that flatter your shape.  Can I say that again… own jeans that flatter your shape.  Yes, this can be grueling (no joke)… Make a decision as to how much you are willing to invest, do a bit of online research and take a friend (who will be honest) with you when you trying on the various styles.  Be patient and you too will have your “ah ha” moment.  And, if you already have that brand loyalty, and they work for you… stick to it and invest in several pairs.  A nice slim fitting jean in a dark (mildly distressed) wash takes me there!!!! YOWZA!

· With that said, and for those that know me, you will understand this next statement…
Once you find an item that works for you, purchase it in ALL of the colors that flatter your complexion.  And, before you think it… no, this will not lead to a boring wardrobe.  You have found the perfect fit of black pants… well; do they come in chocolate or charcoal? You found the ideal wrap sweater (my personal “I can’t live without”…gosh, truth be told, the list continues to grow and occasionally gets tweaked.  But I would have to add that adding pops of animal print is a beautiful thang!) get ALL of the colors that suit you… not your friends, not the photo in the magazine, but you… only you.  The fun comes in how you mix and match… reinvent the wheel, the “color wheel” that is! If you don’t own one, visit your local art store and for a few bucks, you are on your way to creating magnificent color schemes within your wardrobe.

· Last, but certainly not least… do not forget the accessories!
This is the ooooohh, laaa laaaaaahhh to defining your signature style.  How many ways can you reinterpret denim and a white tank… countless, because it is all about the accessories!  And, just to be clear, I am speaking about the shoes, the bag, the coat, the scarf, the jewelry, the shoes, the blazer, the tote, the earrings, the bracelet… do it right, and this will keep your secret “fashion” admirers wanting more, more and more.  The lovely part about accessories is that they come in a variety of price points… and often times, if implemented correctly in your wardrobe, the least expensive of accessories, look like a million bucks!  What a segue (and a shameless plug)… specking of accessories, I just celebrated  my one year anniversay as a stella & dot stylist.  Check me out at: and   Not that I am pushing my favorites on anyone (which is why I haven’t mention any of my favorite stores… fashion is truly subjective and, truth be told, my favorites may not work for you body type) but… blazers are a nonnegotiable. They come in a variety of cuts and work for practically everyone!  As you build you accessory wardrobe, concentrate on what you determine are your staples… then from there, the sky is the limit!  Seriously… a structured blazer is a fashion lifesaver.  EVERY WOMAN should own at least a classic black blazer!

Not to be interpreted as a sermon… just me, spreading some love to my fellow girls.
It is important that we all feel simply amazing in our unique skin.  So, if my random thoughts gave you any insight… then I am humbled.  Perhaps, as you are shopping, you will chuckle and think of me as you are looking at yourself in the mirror, trying on one of your “new” favorites!

And there it is.

And, for the record:  Yes… to these rules I am forever loyal!



Soaring with a scarf!

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Perhaps you aren’t literally soaring.  But, an elevation?  Yep… that is pretty much guaranteed.  And all it takes is a scarf!

Matter of fact – its elevation in an instant.

A scarf is one of the easiest and quickest ways to add some sizzle to your outfit.  Defines your look, eh?  Adds the flair, polishes your appearance and creates your individual fashion statement.  A scarf is probably one of the most brilliant accessories, for it speaks to a multitude of styles.  Even the simplest of outfits benefit… whether be it easy-breezy casual or refined and sophisticated, a scarf is the ideal option for adding life and interest to the clothes you don!

What kind of scarf?

What color?

What style?

Damn near anything will work… and with just a smidgen of creativity in your application, the sky is the limit!

Now that spring has sprung, we have shed our heavy clothing — especially our bulky chunky-knit and wool winter scarves.  The tress have buds, the flowers are producing vibrant blooms, the birds are singing…. the air is refreshing and the sun is beaming.  A sense of newness is indicative of the season and naturally it is reflected in our wardrobe.  A fresh perspective is the mindset… and with that, we are all scurrying to create our signature spring looks with both the items that we are purchasing in stores and unpacking from our storage bins.

Pssssst… five letters;  S-C-A-R-F!  As you pack away your winter version, now opt for a lighter weight!

This clever piece of fabric is the answer to any fashion dilemma… and it doesn’t hurt that fashion designers constantly dote on their versatility and chicness.  Sooooooooo many amazing colors, scores of patterns – not to mention the various shapes and fabrics available.  What is not to love?  I tell you… I am sold, sold, SOLD!

Nothing top-secret about what I am sharing.  Scarves are popular.  They have a strong presence in the fashion industry and the movie stars, whose images are constantly captured by the paparazzi, definitely drive home that fact.  The scarf, effortlessly draped around a neck, looks fabulous on both males and females!

Loosely wrapped or tightly knotted, scarves around our necks is the most common way to sport the look.  Haha – there are some people that just seem to pull this look off with ease and then, there are those who make the look appear forced — almost as if they are constricted.  Humph… I’m thinking that they are just in need of more practice, eh?

Because a scarf… especially one tied around your neck, works on us all!  That “one size fits all” concept, ya know?!

But there is more than just your neck!  Perhaps my fellas aren’t wearing them in this manner — but a scarf around your waist, tied on your purse or tied on your head can also produce some incredibly fashionable results!  Again… elevation in an instant!

A scarf tied on my head is my latest obsession.  I love it tied in a manner reminiscent of a vintage film star (YES – with my big sunglasses) or a calypso girl, with the knot askew and the tails of the scarf hanging over my shoulder.  Hey, it’s my thing.  Even more so now, thanks to one stunner of a CHANEL scarf.  Haha – the colors alone make me weak.  Sigh…

So the gist it this:  have some fun and try a scarf!

Betcha it will make a difference.

New to the whole scarf experience?


I found a link that is perfect and full of tips — 37 to be exact — you got it, 37 ways to tie a scarf!

This spring and summer, I know what will give my outfits a punch and keep me soaring…

what about you?



Mine are magenta!

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Fuchsia, hot pink, raspberry… pinkish purple.

Call it what you want… but mine are magenta and they are snazzy!

If you haven’t heard by now – colored denim is all the rage for the spring and summer.  Everyone… and I mean EVERYONE has created their version.  With styles and price points ranging from couture level to JC Penny and Target – colored denim definitely has a presence.

A nod to the colorful 1980’s?  Of course… but the 2012 editions have been revamped and are refined.  The updated styling options of pants, shorts, skirts and jackets are vast and not just for women – YES FELLAS, you too can sport this look!

Male or female, don’t be shy.  Why not have a bit of fun and embrace this colorful craze?    The color selection is so broad – surely your favorite color can be found.  It’s an easy way to wake up your trusty neutrals or, if you prefer a bolder approach, the perfect pairing for other colorful items — what a punch, eh?  Yes, I am your pusher, for I say dive in!  Don’t deny yourself!  Finding a pair (or two) can easily be accomplished… the only difficulty you might encounter is ensuring a proper fit for your body type.  Wait — that’s another blog topic, eh?

My story…

Since I adore my fashion magazines, especially InStyle and Lucky, I am constantly thumbing through the pages to see what will be the “look” for the season.  Rewind back to the January magazine editions… that’s when I first stumbled across the images of colored denim, all of the ads, the styling options — and that’s when I saw my magenta pants!  Wow – the hairs on my arms stand up when I think about it.  Those damn pants were hot… they spoke to me – “Kishaaaaaaaa… this is all you!  Kishaaaaaaa… we are meant to be.  Kishaaaaaaa… you have got to have me.”  Haha – seriously, that’s what they said!

Immediately, I was in love!  I envisioned myself wearing them –  in a matter of seconds, I know that I complied at least a week’s worth of different outfits.  Those damn magenta pants… they consumed me.  I was weak – I lusted after those pants!  I know… craziness!  The things some do for fashion, eh?


After a few months of being frugal and patiently waiting for a sale, I finally invested and got my pants.  Score!  Even at full price (since the sale on these puppies never came) I am still elated — the fit is pure perfection!  As I shift from side to side in the mirror admiring the fit of my new Always Skinny Skimmer jeans, all I can think is – gotta love GAP denim!  What is it about their denim???

Actually, let me not pretend like I don’t already know the answer to that question.  Considering that I was employed with the company  for almost 10 years, I know that at GAP, they get denim right.  A variety of fits to suit the body types and style preferences for both men and women, several options with denim washes and a moderate price point… GAP denim is just classic.  Trust me, if you enter that store with a need for denim and the patience for trying things on — walking out with a great fitting pair of jeans is guaranteed!  GUARANTEED!

Just two little secrets to share:

  1. Have an open mind on sizing  – let the fit on your body be the guide, rather than the size on the pants.
  2. When trying on, take multiple items in the same size with you in the fitting room.

GAP, as with all retailers, has an allotted size variance during manufacturing.  Hmmm, if memory serves me correctly, it is 1/4″ … or is it 1/2″  — bottom line, the same size can vary in fit.  So, for example, if you are a size 8 — take all the 8’s in the fitting room.  Pay attention to the fit of each – SERIOUSLY – there is one that is bound to fit better.  My magenta pants… I tried on 3 in the same size — what is that saying about the third time is a charm?  Yep.  Number 3 was the one!

Perfect timing for the arrival of spring, eh?  Hey, if you haven’t even or ever considered colored denim – it’s not too late.  With all the press centered around this color trend, I am pretty certain that the stores will continue to replenish their inventory.  With a quickness!

As I tear the tags of off mine, I am smirking at this… my hang tag reads:

“Don’t be afraid to show some skin… a little bit of ankle and a whole lot of attitude!”

Those damn magenta pants… we are about to have some fun!



Nailhead… my nonnegotiable.

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Luscious.  Decadent.  Scrumptious.

At first glance, one would think that my adjectives are describing some irresistible and savory entrée.  Yep, calculated and intentional.  My word choice is meant to arouse your taste buds – but definitely not for food.  The goal; to whet your appetite and make you hungry for one of the best ways to adorn and accent your furniture.  My nonnegotiable — Nailhead!

Ooh-la-la!  I really can’t help myself!

Nailhead on furniture is like that tall, dark and handsome (or beautiful) stranger in the corner – your eye is just naturally drawn their way and the connection is inevitable.  Nailhead is a sensory treat and the ultimate chameleon.  Available in an array of finishes and design applications, it can be interpreted as sultry, masculine, elegant  – even rugged.  Haha – the candid me would imply that nailhead immediately elevates your “wow” furniture to a tantalizing “WTF” status!  Seriously?!  Have you ever taken your fingers and traced the path of nailhead — the rhythm, the texture and the sound are enough to make you want to apply nailhead to everything you own!

For those unfamiliar; nailhead is ornamentation, resembling the head of a nail, that is applied to upholstered and wooden furniture — probably most commonly applied to sofas, chairs, benches, ottomans and headboards.  Basically, it highlights and enhances the silhouette of the furniture.  Dating back to 1560 with the introduction of the French Country style, nailhead are still applied to the furniture in the original manner – hammered in one by one.  The nailhead can vary in size, shape and metallic compositions… it is all determined by the scale and proportions of the furniture on which it is applied.

As you shop, you will find that many retailers and design centers offer this fantastic option for their furniture.  For me, the difference rests on customizing the nailhead for your design project.  In other words, walking into a retailer and being offered a limited assortment versus (mainly with upholstered furniture) going to a retailer in which you choose options based on your design project.  You create a custom piece.  You select the fabric, the finish of the legs, etc… including the style of nailhead.  Obviously, I prefer the latter.  As a designer, I can assure you, nailhead makes a difference!  It aids in adding character and personality to your design.  And lucky for us, since design is so very subjective, it works with each and every design style!

Do I dare tell that I might be a wee bit addicted to nailhead?  Perhaps even subconsciously, I steer my clients towards this option.  I think it should be a nonnegotiable for every design.  Every home should have at least one item in it that is embellished with nailhead.  Honestly, it absolutely makes THAT much of a statement!

Maybe you are curious, so I will share… so far, I only own three items containing nailhead – a sofa, a tufted bench and an incredibly rustic console table.  You did see that I said “so far” – haha – indeed I do have a detailed list of several items that must be added to my collection!

Naturally, I do encourage you to follow suit.  Yes… I know, design is individual – to each his own.  I get it.

But… it would make such an impact.  More than likely, many of you share my passion, eh?!  For those still contemplating, I say, be bold and daring — take a chance and be adventurous with your next purchase.  Add a lil’ spice with nailhead!



EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!

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On my side of the globe, the crisp air of fall has already got me chilled to the bone.  Not complaining.  Actually thrilled.  So much so, that I am sounding off as if I were telling the world of some ground-breaking news… news of what just hit the press.  People… it’s time!  The weather has dictated their return!  And I could not be more please to see them make their appearances – for they are BY FAR one of the most enticing and distinguished looks of the season.  “What is it?” – you say?  With a burly roar I’m screaming… “EXTRA!  EXTRA!  Read all about it!  The newsboy cap is back!!”

Alright… alright… alright!  Not the reveal you expected?  Hey – with me, there is an unyielding appreciation for the little things.  I love presentation and I am a sucker for those that are well-dressed.  Especially those who are confident in their clothing, have a stylish edge and they comprehend the importance of fit and color.  It is inevitable — they have an aura that oozes swagger!  Nonetheless… there is something about a man rocking a newsboy cap that is bound to capture my attention.

The newsboy cap, generally associated with the newsboys of the early 1900’s, has evolved and now open to a much broader audience.  Know by a variety of names – cabbie, baker boy, apple cap… even eight panel – this cap is incredibly flattering on all who don it!  Comprised of a full rounder body with a stiff peak, the newsboy can be constructed in a variety of fabrics, even leather.  It’s close cousin, the flat cap, is a show stopper as well – the only difference being the full flat panel on the top of the head versus the pie shaped panels and finishing button.

So… what is it about the caps, eh?!

One word:  dapper!

Ladies, the intent is not to be biased – for I know that we too can rock these caps with flair!  But… BUT, when I see a man wearing this cap – and he has got his look pulled together – haha… there is this essence, this stateliness – for lack of better words – the look is both handsome and dignified!  Whew… you know how some things can just take you there?  Well… this is it!

Perhaps it is just me, especially since I am attracted to the look, but I find that the caps are incredibly popular – worn by actors, athletes, musical artists (cough, cough… Common) and a plethora of us “every-day” folk!.  The beauty… each person wearing it in such a way that it appears to be monogrammed with their personal style.

And… since I am so fond of the look, I bet you can’t even imagine how I feel when my husband pulls his collection out of his fall/winter storage bin and preps it for the wearing.  YAWZA!

Enough of the babble.  Leaving it at this.

If you own one cap or some — FANTASTIC!  Build your collection for they truly add to your charm… and because I said so!  If you have yet to give this look a go… consider yourself now in the know and RUN to your favorite retailer or your “go-to” on-line shop and make a purchase.

Need some help?  Well… I am only an email away and you know that I would love to offer an opinion!