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Soaring with a scarf!

In Uncategorized on April 1, 2012 at 10:55 pm


Perhaps you aren’t literally soaring.  But, an elevation?  Yep… that is pretty much guaranteed.  And all it takes is a scarf!

Matter of fact – its elevation in an instant.

A scarf is one of the easiest and quickest ways to add some sizzle to your outfit.  Defines your look, eh?  Adds the flair, polishes your appearance and creates your individual fashion statement.  A scarf is probably one of the most brilliant accessories, for it speaks to a multitude of styles.  Even the simplest of outfits benefit… whether be it easy-breezy casual or refined and sophisticated, a scarf is the ideal option for adding life and interest to the clothes you don!

What kind of scarf?

What color?

What style?

Damn near anything will work… and with just a smidgen of creativity in your application, the sky is the limit!

Now that spring has sprung, we have shed our heavy clothing — especially our bulky chunky-knit and wool winter scarves.  The tress have buds, the flowers are producing vibrant blooms, the birds are singing…. the air is refreshing and the sun is beaming.  A sense of newness is indicative of the season and naturally it is reflected in our wardrobe.  A fresh perspective is the mindset… and with that, we are all scurrying to create our signature spring looks with both the items that we are purchasing in stores and unpacking from our storage bins.

Pssssst… five letters;  S-C-A-R-F!  As you pack away your winter version, now opt for a lighter weight!

This clever piece of fabric is the answer to any fashion dilemma… and it doesn’t hurt that fashion designers constantly dote on their versatility and chicness.  Sooooooooo many amazing colors, scores of patterns – not to mention the various shapes and fabrics available.  What is not to love?  I tell you… I am sold, sold, SOLD!

Nothing top-secret about what I am sharing.  Scarves are popular.  They have a strong presence in the fashion industry and the movie stars, whose images are constantly captured by the paparazzi, definitely drive home that fact.  The scarf, effortlessly draped around a neck, looks fabulous on both males and females!

Loosely wrapped or tightly knotted, scarves around our necks is the most common way to sport the look.  Haha – there are some people that just seem to pull this look off with ease and then, there are those who make the look appear forced — almost as if they are constricted.  Humph… I’m thinking that they are just in need of more practice, eh?

Because a scarf… especially one tied around your neck, works on us all!  That “one size fits all” concept, ya know?!

But there is more than just your neck!  Perhaps my fellas aren’t wearing them in this manner — but a scarf around your waist, tied on your purse or tied on your head can also produce some incredibly fashionable results!  Again… elevation in an instant!

A scarf tied on my head is my latest obsession.  I love it tied in a manner reminiscent of a vintage film star (YES – with my big sunglasses) or a calypso girl, with the knot askew and the tails of the scarf hanging over my shoulder.  Hey, it’s my thing.  Even more so now, thanks to one stunner of a CHANEL scarf.  Haha – the colors alone make me weak.  Sigh…

So the gist it this:  have some fun and try a scarf!

Betcha it will make a difference.

New to the whole scarf experience?


I found a link that is perfect and full of tips — 37 to be exact — you got it, 37 ways to tie a scarf!

This spring and summer, I know what will give my outfits a punch and keep me soaring…

what about you?