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…in my next lifetime, I’m coming back as a chef.

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If I were to put all of my interests on paper, then toss those papers into a bowl, I wouldn’t be surprised by the sight of overflow.

Various interests fuel my spirit.  An assorted, hodgepodge potpourri that span numerous topics… and pretty much, makes me, me.   Haha… this bowl that I speak of is not exclusive.  We all have them… and surely each one is as unique and as detailed as our own fingerprint.

What gets my head spinning and makes me dizzy is this…

How in the world does one master all of their passions in one lifetime?

Proficiency in each and EVERY one of your interests is impossible, eh? (Side note:  if you are an anomaly, and have mastered it all… please contact me post-haste so that I might learn from you)

I’m thinking that it goes down like this:

With our overflowing bowl of interests, we all just dibble dabble in some, learn a bit more about others and perhaps master a handful — sound about right?   Well, that seems to be my manner of attack…. and truth be told, the only way that I know how to devour the plethora of things I’d like to know, do, see, experience… etc.

Hey… now that I think about it, maybe we are meant to have this  excess — and the reality is that we just have to save somethings for later.

Hmmmm, like another lifetime?  Haha, I really do say “another lifetime” in jest.


If that were the case… I’m claiming it now and I’m telling you that I am definitely coming back as a chef!

When it comes to my interests, cooking is easily one of my top five.

An interest that stemmed from childhood, has now matured with adulthood.  The only way I know how to describe this passion is that I view it as a succulent and luscious art form.  I am repeatedly stimulated cooking — a basic necessity that has inexhaustible creative interpretations.  It fascinates me!

For the record… never have I participated in any culinary classes or had professional lessons.  The skills that I do have, I would attribute them to a small collection of individuals, both in my past and present… and countless hours of searching Google and the Food Network.  These folks seasoned me and generated an enthusiasm for cooking that couldn’t be ignored.  As for the internet.  Haha — it will FOREVER be a resource and my constant instructor!

If I had to put my finger on it and declare just one person my cooking muse… by far it would be my late grandmother Mrs. Ruth Everett Brown.

7 years deceased and Bill Wither’s song Grandma’s Hands  (which, ironically is playing as I type) always brings her to mind.

My grandma.

A woman who was both complex and mysterious…

who never worked outside of the house and never held a driver’s license…

a woman who was dedicated to her family (especially grandchildren)…

a woman who could sing a Sunday hymn at the drop of a dime…

a woman who could grown a garden and nurture a house plant like nobody’s business…

a woman whose hand hands could mend, fix, soothe, ease anything…

AND a woman who could cook.  I mean COOK.  She. Could. COOK!  Damn… she could cook!

Reel it back in Kisha… reel it in.  Wow… interesting how nostalgia presents itself… didn’t mean to go off on a tangent.

At any rate, she was my first example.

She poured love and pride into all of her creations.  Sitting back to watch family and friends consume her breakfasts, dinners, desserts — especially her homemade rolls — filled her heart with immense joy.  Not to mention the aromas that circulated and the moans that were released while they ate… well that was a priceless recognition that would make my grandma — a woman of few smiles — grin from ear to ear!

Taking those lessons and combining them with what others have knowingly and unknowingly bestowed upon me… I’ve just got to feed this fire within.

There are just so many elements of cooking that excite me.

The planning/arrangement of your dish, the execution of the recipe, the scent of your food engulfing the room and the pleasure in achieving that tasty end result… all of the above do it for me.  But more so, I am incredibly attracted to the fellowship and bond that cooking affords.  It literally feeds the soul.  When you have something that is so satisfying… so delicious… it becomes a memory.  Everything about that dish… the place, the people who accompanied you, the presentation and the chef — it gets etched in your brain and onto your palate.

And you simply want more.  Right?

Preparing a dish for others and then the group communion as the dish is consumed — that creates a sensation inside that only one who too enjoys the craft would be able to comprehend.  I, like my grandma, revel in watching others eat what I have prepared.  I too find it flattering.  And just like her… it generates a smile like no other.


You know what?

Waiting for whenever… or next lifetime… that is not an option.

I want it now.  So then why am I waiting?!  Although I am not completely sure how me becoming a better cook will unfold… what I do know for sure is that I am game… and I’m going for it.

Actually, I do know my first step…

According to several who have been in my kitchen, I need to update my utensils — especially my knives!

Got a favorite brand?  As always, I welcome any suggestions…




…could this be perfection?!

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WHAT just happened to my senses?!

Thunder!  Lightening!  BOOM!  ZAP!  KAPOW!

Haha… I think I just reverted back to my childhood days of watching Batman & Robin — conjuring images of the fist fights and the bold/colorful graphics that would follow each strike.  Truth be told… it happened just like that.  That luscious liquid contained in that dark glass bottle enraptured ALL of my senses and, as I just mentioned to a friend, I think I just might be marred from enjoying other red wines.

Damn… it was that good!

Since I am constantly on the prowl for my next wine discovery, this is how this love story plays out.

After a taxing day at work, my chosen manner for release was the idea of my feet elevated and a robust glass of wine in hand.  At my house, the cupboards were bare, so I knew that I needed to make a pit stop at my favorite wine shop.  “What to get, what to get?  Red or white?”… these thoughts swirled through my head during the drive.  Something new… or do I simply grab a tried and true variety?  From my job, the drive to the wine shop is approximately 13 miles… this internal conversation lasted the entire trip.  But, as I was backing into the parking spot, I decided to just go with the flow and let spontaneity strike.  Whatever “spoke” to me would be my pick!

After a few trips up and down the isles, the combination of a hand-made sale sign and a regal black and gold label caught my attention.  I’m just going to keep it real… the $25.00 now on sale for $11.99 sign made this budgeted “I’ve got a kid in private school and another wearing braces” chick raise an eyebrow.  Upon further inspection, seeing that the wine was from the J.LOHR vineyards — a CONSTANT tried and true for me; one that has never left me heartbroken —  it beckoned me.  And without hesitation, I picked up the bottle to read the description of this 2008 J.LOHR Tower Road Petite Sirah.

Haha… with me, words excite, especially when they are creatively and intentionally composed.  The winemakers comments on the back of that label did just that.  They bewitched me and before I knew it, I was headed to checkout with not one, but two bottles in hand.  With my taste buds alert, the short drive home could end soon enough!

All that is left to say is that my pick did not disappoint!  Could this be perfection?!

As a lover of a hearty and memorable red wine, this 2008 J.LOHR was most certainly all that AND more.  I always feel it necessary to remind readers of this blog that I am not a wine connoisseur.  Although I strive to be, my knowledge is limited — but quickly growing!  So when I find a wine that makes my picky palate sing, I always choose to share.  Other than sharing my finds, the most enjoyable element is the hunt.  Numerous sips, shared with friends and sometimes alone, have afforded me an ample list of great finds.  I always enjoy the hunt…and enthusiastically, I march on!

But back to my new love…

Here is when I call out to my fellow lovers of a plush red wine.  This one right here… will make you never love another!  Or at least make you stray from what you may have already deemed as your favorite.  Haha… if this wine were a female, the Commodores’ 1977 classic song “Brick House” would most certainly apply — “…she’s mighty mighty, just lettin’ it all hang out!

It’s deep inky red color, intensely stirring aroma and BOLD attack on your tongue provides a treat for your senses.  The boysenberries, blackberries and richness that was promised on the label was there — standing at attention just waiting for my arrival!  Sigh…

Have I got you interested… maybe even salivating?!  You know that was the sole goal, eh?!

I’d be interested in your review as well… but for now, as I recall, I carried two bottles to checkout and that second bottle is singing my name!




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Surely you must understand the emphasis on the “ssssssssssssssss” when you speak the word Sangria?

It is all about the anticipation, eh?

This refreshing summer drink requires that added attention — that added stress on the “s” during pronunciation, it whets your palate, heightens your desire and makes you crave that tangy sweet liquid.

Haha… am I alone?!

As a lover of this wine punch, I say that there is something incredibly attractive about a glass of Sangria.  Better yet, a pitcher of Sangria!

The blend of ingredients is so perfect yet mysterious… for any omission or addition of ingredients can yield varieties that differ wonderfully from batch to batch.  Red or white, the flavorful creations are endless… and to be honest, I am perfectly willing to be a guinea pig for them all!

Those lucky citizens of Spain!  Oh how I long to plant my feet on your soil and partake in a glass of your native drink.  Last month, a dear friend sent me an image on my iPhone that immediately made me weak in the knees.  She was celebrating her 40th birthday with her family in Barcelona.  Not only was she was staying at my favorite hotel, The W, she was enjoying a glass of “authentic” Barcelonian Sangria.  Is it possibly to be consumed with loving envy?!  Everything about that glass of Sangria looked tempting — and the slight condensation that was forming on the outside of the glass made it even THAT more mouth-watering.  Haha… all a girl could do was text her back and ask her “was it good?”

Now that summer is in full swing, I am on a mission and determined to perfect my Sangria recipe.  Even prior to receiving my friend’s picture, I had been researching the web and studying the types of ingredients others used.  I would construct a list of contents that suited my palate and then dabble as a pseudo bartender for friends… presenting my concoction to them as if it were some type of witch’s brew — then stepping back to analyze the reaction!

Trial and error pays off, eh?

(insert evil laughter) Bwahahahaha!  I think I have created a masterpiece!

Seriously though…

I do believe that I have managed to capture all of the qualities that one would desire in a glass of Sangria.  Delicious and easy to make… this low-key, basic recipe is one that any novice could follow (and for my boy GT,  those exotic ingredients… i.e., agave nectar that you use, have been omitted).  😉

My Sangria is nothing short of sunshine and pure bliss in a glass… and in my opinion, the PERFECT way to relax and cool off after a long day at work!  Perhaps I am being a bit presumptuous in thinking that you might want to try?  But it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t provide you with the recipe… and in true kishafwd style, I am insisting that you engage!

All you need is:

3 bottles of your favorite Red wine.  I am constantly altering the types — keeps the Sangria interesting.  This time, I used a Malbec and two Red blends.

A small bottle of V.S.O.P. E&J Brandy (my secret ingredient… by the way — who knew that V.S.O.P. means “Very Superior Old Pale”… Haha – not me!)

Raw sugar or simple syrup.  The sweetness is based on your taste buds… simply add your sweetener accordingly.

Fruit… chopped and/or muddled.  Normally I keep it at a minimum with just oranges, lemons and limes.  But, every now and then you just want to be adventurous, eh?  Muddled blackberries and raspberries work perfectly!

Don’t forget the fizz… ginger ale does the trick.

The rest is a breeze.  Chop fruit. Add your wine, brandy and sweetener.  Chill in the fridge for a few hours.

When it is time to serve, pour wine over ice, add a splash of ginger ale and WHAA LAAA!

Brace yourself… for you will be AMAZED by the sensation!  Deeeeee-lish!

This sssssssssssssSangria is definitely becoming my signature and what is so appealing it that is tastes different every time.

For those that decide to try, I’d love to know your thoughts.  And of course, if you have your own killer Sangria recipe… please send it my way,  I would LOVE to give your’s a spin.


Happy sippin’ to you all.  Be safe and stay cool in the summer’s heat!



The Aunt is the secret…

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Sometimes you just never know the what, the where or the who that will spark your creative juices and provide inspiration.

Your muse, eh?

I speak the truth when I say that I digest the universe for inspiration.  Don’t chuckle… for I am being serious!   Creative stimulus is abundant… literally every situation (good or bad) can be a catalyst.  As a matter of fact, a recent facebook message from a loyal blog reader proved as such.  Nothing lengthy, actually rather short and sweet… a few words that simply requested a lil’ motivation via my next blog post.

Motivation you say…

I can do motivation.  So NB, this one is for you… and hold on tight, because it is all about french toast!

Trying to connect the dots?  French toast… motivation… what in the hell do they have to do with each other?  Haha — in my world, they go hand in hand!

Define the word motivation as you may; determination, force, enthusiasm, drive, stimulation… in a nutshell, it’s basically something that gets you going.  Something that gets you excited, puts a pep in your step… makes you energized, eh?  Pretty much, it makes you feel good — and HAPPY!

Well, check this out…

As a youngster, breakfast was my FAVORITE meal.   Between my mother’s creations and scores of servings of my grandmother’s “can’t nobody cook like you” breakfasts, I was well feed.  Not to discount my mother… but my grandmother was a beast.  Not to go off on a tangent and deviate from my motivation topic… but remember the scene in the movie The Color Purple when Ms. Celie was making Mister breakfast?  If you can remember the manner in which those dogs on the front porch were hypnotized by the aroma — they were struggling… whining… trying anything and everything to get through the screen door to eat Ms. Celie’s food?  Yep… that right there describes my grandmother’s cooking!

At any rate… along with loving breakfast, like many children, I had an unquenchable sweet tooth.  The sweeter the breakfast the better.  Sugar and syrup were my best friends — a perfect marriage — and their presence at breakfast was mandatory.  Cream of wheat, pre-sweetened boxed cereals and pancakes were #1 on my list… and all was good.


I tasted french toast.

Honestly, the introduction is somewhat vague.  For certain, I remember eating this unbelievable treat during brunch at restaurants.  I also recall enjoying the tastiness numerous times at friends’ houses when they served “dinner for breakfast”… but as for home, for whatever reason, it just wasn’t on the menu.  You know I asked… basically begged… but the end result ALWAYS fell short of my expectations.  If I wanted to enjoy french toast, that irresistible, melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness again, I knew what had to be done…

Ahem — did someone mention motivation?!

That damn french toast put me in a trance.  I wanted more… and if they weren’t going to make it properly… I would do it myself.  But, for someone who’s only cooking experience involved a carton of milk, boxed cereal, pop-tarts and peanut butter & jelly, the task appeared impossible.  Haha — and this was long before the days of the internet and Google.  So there was no quick search on the web to streamline the process.  Nope!  This process was truly an experiment — old school — and a massive amount of trial and error!

And I learned…

Through batches of soggy french toast.  Charred french toast.  French toast with too much egg.  French toast with not enough egg.  French toast with eggshells — ewwwwwwwww!  I learned.  Eventually, I got it right.

Even managed to create a “once you have my french toast, you’ll never crave another’s” recipe with a secret ingredient in the batter.  A recipe that some several decades later, I still follow to this day!

Most important, I learned what I know to be  an invaluable life lesson.

Motivation thrives on perseverance and perseverance will eventually afford a success.  How is that NB for a bit of wacky wisdom?!

As for my french toast and that secret I mentioned — 

always use 3 eggs, vanilla, cinnamon and add a little Aunt Jemima pancake mix to the batter.  It creates a better consistency in the batter, which sticks better to the bread and cuts down on the likely hood of it being soggy in the center.  Nice, eh?

But… since it is a secret, I’m not sharing my proportions of mix to milk — guess you’ve got to play that one by ear!



Good & Plenty can make it good and plenty?

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Good & Plenty an aphrodisiac?

How did I miss the boat on this one?   Lo and behold, it seems that there is an abundance of articles written to support this notion… including the Elle magazine write-up that I recently stumbled upon.  Reading that article sparked my curiosity and it definitely induced a desire (no pun intended) for further research.

Written back in 2009, by Rachel Grumman, the article outlines the top 10 grocery store items that can improve couple’s libidos.  The first item?  We could all easily guess… and rightfully so, it deserves its #1 status:  Chocolate.  The second, not as easy.  Honestly, it was another “who knew” moment for me… but after reading the article, I definitely understand the correlation:  Pumpkin pie.

The third item?

Haha… the third item immediately generated a raised eyebrow!  Who knew that Good & Plenty, my all time  F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E childhood candy can make you horny?  Really?  Those pink and white oblong candies?  The candies that as a child, I strategically ate — eating one piece at a time (alternating the colors), shifting it from side to side in my mouth, cracking the candied shell with my teeth until it disappeared and THEN chewing the black licorice center.  Those candies???

Apparently so…

According to Ms. Grumman and a host of others that I researched, the libido elevator comes from a mixture of the scent and taste of licorice.  That combination is supposed to pack a mighty punch — causing an increase in blood flow to your special parts — thus heightening your desire and putting you in the mood.  Although men too can be effected, it seems that women are most impacted…. haha – or should I say, stimulated!  Needless to say, you have got to be a fan of licorice and attracted to the flavor — if not, then it is a moot point, eh?!

And in a “keeping it real” kind of way, for me, it really does make sense.

I had an “ah-ha” moment… even more so after I went to the store and purchased a 99¢ box of my beloved candy.  No…no… NO — not what you are thinking!  Haha… I am not about to narrate steamy details of my bedroom affairs.  The store visit was mandatory because my memory needed to be refreshed.  It had been yearssssssssssssssss since I last tasted Good & Plenty.  After reading the article and spending way too much time googling information, I had to taste them again — with a “grown-up/adult” tongue!  It was an experiment…

Funny how you never forget habits.

Pink, white, pink, white… one after the other, I popped in pieces and devoured my Good & Plenty just as I did as a child.   BUT… this time, I analyzed the smell and the taste — as if it were a fine wine.  Yep… the licorice taste and scent was very intense.  Very warming… it gripped me in sort of hypnotizing manner.  The flavor… deliciously spicy and it lingered on my palate — and that is when I had that “ah-ha” moment.  The light bulb turned on and I made the connection.

Eating the Good & Plenty didn’t make me want to immediately hop in the sack… and I don’t think I had an increase in blood flow you know where, BUT — there was a bit of a euphoric rush.  The feelings that overcame me while eating Good & Plenty are reminiscent of the sensations experienced when drinking my favorite red wines.  That damn anise!!!  I love reds packed with anise… and since anise has a flavor that resembles licorice, it explains the attraction.  Truth be told… where the Good & Plenty fell short, a glass of a robust red, packed with anise will always do the trick! (Ahem — too much information?)

At any rate… so much for my experiment, eh?

Well… the articles that I found never did mention the quantity of Good & Plenty that needed to be consumed in order to reach that sexual peek.  Hmmm, and I do have a good portion of the box left over…

Haha… are you thinking what I am thinking?!



Captivated by color, then puzzled by a name…

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As I entered my favorite wine shop, I knew two things:

1.  No repeats — trying only new finds.

2.  My palate craved whites.

With the sun shining bright, my best friend and her daughter arriving in a few hours from Italy, my brother and his wife driving up from VA Beach… AND I was off of work for the next 96 hours — several bottles of wine were a must to toast the occasion!  Keeping it real, I never need a reason to frequent my favorite wine shop… but with a celebration forthcoming, I must admit that there was an extra pep in my step!

Upon entering, it was almost magically.  Every bottle seemed to sparkle and beckon my name.  Haha – my analytical self knows that it was directly related to the approaching events and the elevation in my mood – but seriously – I had to pause at the door to just take it all in!

Surely if you watched my stride, giggles would have been appropriate.  It was a “happy” gait… I was in a zone and thoughts of “find something new… find something new” controlled my movements!  As I walked down the aisles where the white wines were displayed, my eyes gave each bottle a quick yet careful glance — remember, I am a labels girl — they speak to me, eh?!

And that is when…


I saw it!

You know that sensation you get in your stomach when someone jumps from behind a corner and yells “BOO!” — it felt just like that!  That damn label interrupted my pace and literally stopped me in my tracks.  Who knows why it hadn’t caught my attention earlier, especially since I frequent that shop so much.  Hmmmm, to that, my only answer is — better late than never!

But it got me… startled me, raised my heart rate and captivated me.

It didn’t even register that the image depicted was of horses… all I saw was COLOR.  Amazingly vibrant colors.  The poppy, violet royal blue and green were so striking.  So much so that before I realized it, I had the bottle in one hand and was rubbing my fingers over the label as if it were braille – almost as if my touch would intensify what had already tantalized my eyes.

Flip the bottle over and read the descriptive notes about this Chardonnay.  Yep, still captivated.

Flip the bottle back over to recall the name — 14 Hands.  Hmmm… now I am puzzled.

Obviously putting my ignorance on exhibit and outing myself as a non-equestrian, I immediately thought of a more figurative interpretation… 14 Hands in a sensual sense.  14 Hands… the sensation one would receive from 140 titillating fingers — haha — yes, I went there!

Bottom line — this chick was sold!  And now, a week after the festivities with my family and friends have concluded, I have returned to my favorite wine shop to purchase more of the sensational vino that was contained behind such a lively label.

So here is the skinny…

Stemming from a Washing State winery, 14 Hands Chardonnay is scrumptious!  Refreshingly light and crisp, this Chardonnay’s surprise lies in the unexpected notes of apple and pear — WOW!  Very light on the palate and ideal for just about any occasion.  I would especially encourage those who tend to stray away from Chardonnay due to the overly buttery characteristics to definitely give this one a taste.  14 Hands Chardonnay provides the opposite.  The subtle notes of butterscotch and the touch of vanilla make this wine a far cry from overly buttery — absolutely divine!  My guests loved it as well… it was lip smakin’ good!

As for the name… solely related to the history of the region.  Described as Washington’s best kept secret, an “Unbridled Spirit” is the winery’s  premise.   The name 14 Hands was inspired by the wild mustang that roamed the hills of eastern Washington State.   These mustang measured approximately “14 Hands” in height — with a hand being 4 inches.  Ah-ha!  Thanks to google and the 14 Hands Winery website, I too have been educated!

Truth be told, I am trying to get the secret out.

I am embodying that unbridled spirit and uncontrollably singing its praises to all I know.  14 Hands has got my two hands applauding with approval — I am an admirer!   Looking forwards to tasting more of their wines.  With summer approaching, tis’ the season for Riesling, eh?  Haha – you know that is next on my list!



Summarized by one word – UNFORGETTABLE!

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Up until now, the images in the movies or magazine articles was my closest experience.

Living vicariously and enamored by the thought, I relished the idea.  I would have to say that getting lost in the moment was easy… especially when the images I saw depicted a comradery of women.  Women who appeared to be strong, radiant and completely immersed in the experience.  It just seemed like a good time and such a fantastic way to be pampered.  Fine dining brought to you by way of a personal chef… haha – who wouldn’t want their moment?

Well… through the courtesy of 2 dear friends and the talent of 2 rising chefs, I had my moment.  Topped of by the setting, a spacious Parisian apartment and the theme, a birthday dinner… I can sum it up in one word — UNFORGETTABLE!

There some moments in life in which words merely aren’t enough.  Indescribable moments that often are best communicated via photography.  As I sit to type this blog, the reality is… my 6 course dinner was just that.

Haha – an opportunity to live vicariously through me, eh?

As we took our seats at the table, the initial smells that engulfed the room were a sensory overload.  With that as a prelude, I knew that I was in for a ride.

And no doubt there was wine… ahhhhhhh – especially the wine!  Hey, it wouldn’t be complete without a toast to begin the meal!  From there, our chefs teased us with their presentation, served us with poise and absolutely amazed us with their craft.  Even with my friend as an interpreter to field the language barrier, I could surmise from their body language that they were in a zone!

Bon Appétit, eh?  Humph – that is an understatement!  We feasted until we couldn’t move… and then we ate some more!  Each bite, utterly a taste bud orgasm!  Haha – at times, I literally had to silence myself — trying to take it all in… trying to embrace, be in… better yet, remember the moment.  I was feeling it!  Seriously… what more could a girl ask for!

And after dessert… there was more!  The perfect ending to the meal, a birthday serenade in both English and Portuguese.


My moment.

Now immortalized via blog, will forever be cherished and remembered as one of the best experiences in my life.

With that, all that is left to say is…

Happy Birthday….  to me!



Me and my Eggo…

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We were introduced when I was a much much younger…

and have been constant friends ever since.  For a good portion of my childhood, Eggo waffles were my staple for breakfast.  That yellow box with “Eggo” in red cursive lettering could always be found in the freezer and was never omitted from the grocery list.  Haha – a recess from cooking for my parents, for it was a quick and easy meal that I could prepare blindfolded!

As an adult, I still indulge.  I would have to declare Eggo waffles as one of my guilty pleasures.  The “L’Eggo my Eggo” commercials were my absolute favorite — growing up, who knows how many times I exclaimed that catch phrase as lightly browned Eggos popped up from the toaster.  From the toaster to the plate… spread on a healthy amount of butter and then pour an even healthier amount of syrup – Aunt Jemima, Mrs. Butterworth, Karo or Log Cabin – I used whatever was on hand.   Pair all of that sweetness with a tall glass of milk… guaranteed scrumptiousness and pretty much perfection.  Me and my Eggo, two peas in a pod and most certainly BFF’s!


as a pre-teen, I shifted gears and applied a new topping.  Haha – the evolution of my Eggo.  Simply, it was curiosity that ignited this twist.  A twist, that to this day, is still an all time favorite and the only way I enjoy my Eggos.  The twist?  Eggos sans syrup.  Instead of that sticky sweet liquid, I opt for the epitome of a “kiddie classic” and what most parent’s cupboards are never without… Peanut butter and jelly!

You got it!

Me and my Eggo, we are rebels, eh?!

Each time I bite into this irresistible treat, I am happily reminded of how it still tastes just as delicious as my first taste – some many many years ago.  Haha – it is damn near destiny!  Right out of the toaster, that grid of warmed square wells is the ideal home for peanut butter and jelly.  Actually, if your application is like mine, that would be more peanut butter than jelly… and truth be told, it would be jam rather than jelly.  Nonetheless – it is the bomb and how me and my Eggo roll!

Before you snarl, “NO WAY,” I say don’t knock it until you try it.  It really does taste yummy.  Not far from a regular ol’ peanut butter & jelly sandwich – the Eggo just presents a shift with the texture.  Naturally, you have to be fond of PB & J… and if so, I am pretty confident that becoming a convert is inevitable.  Hmmmm… perhaps I should rescind that statement.  Especially since I have hinted… suggested… attempted to get my two children to try.  Even my husband won’t bend.  Haha – they and their Eggos – faithfully committed to syrup!

Hey… but I do have an abundance of hash marks signifying those who I take sole credit for converting.  Sounds like the makings of a t-shirt, eh?!

Surely this concoction is an acquired taste.  Chuckling as I think of how Julia Child would react – probably offer a side eye and a turned nose at my creation.  Naaaah, because if she had one bite… just one bite…

Me and my Eggo, we’ve got a good thing.

Could be your thing too… you never know until you ____.