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EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!

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On my side of the globe, the crisp air of fall has already got me chilled to the bone.  Not complaining.  Actually thrilled.  So much so, that I am sounding off as if I were telling the world of some ground-breaking news… news of what just hit the press.  People… it’s time!  The weather has dictated their return!  And I could not be more please to see them make their appearances – for they are BY FAR one of the most enticing and distinguished looks of the season.  “What is it?” – you say?  With a burly roar I’m screaming… “EXTRA!  EXTRA!  Read all about it!  The newsboy cap is back!!”

Alright… alright… alright!  Not the reveal you expected?  Hey – with me, there is an unyielding appreciation for the little things.  I love presentation and I am a sucker for those that are well-dressed.  Especially those who are confident in their clothing, have a stylish edge and they comprehend the importance of fit and color.  It is inevitable — they have an aura that oozes swagger!  Nonetheless… there is something about a man rocking a newsboy cap that is bound to capture my attention.

The newsboy cap, generally associated with the newsboys of the early 1900’s, has evolved and now open to a much broader audience.  Know by a variety of names – cabbie, baker boy, apple cap… even eight panel – this cap is incredibly flattering on all who don it!  Comprised of a full rounder body with a stiff peak, the newsboy can be constructed in a variety of fabrics, even leather.  It’s close cousin, the flat cap, is a show stopper as well – the only difference being the full flat panel on the top of the head versus the pie shaped panels and finishing button.

So… what is it about the caps, eh?!

One word:  dapper!

Ladies, the intent is not to be biased – for I know that we too can rock these caps with flair!  But… BUT, when I see a man wearing this cap – and he has got his look pulled together – haha… there is this essence, this stateliness – for lack of better words – the look is both handsome and dignified!  Whew… you know how some things can just take you there?  Well… this is it!

Perhaps it is just me, especially since I am attracted to the look, but I find that the caps are incredibly popular – worn by actors, athletes, musical artists (cough, cough… Common) and a plethora of us “every-day” folk!.  The beauty… each person wearing it in such a way that it appears to be monogrammed with their personal style.

And… since I am so fond of the look, I bet you can’t even imagine how I feel when my husband pulls his collection out of his fall/winter storage bin and preps it for the wearing.  YAWZA!

Enough of the babble.  Leaving it at this.

If you own one cap or some — FANTASTIC!  Build your collection for they truly add to your charm… and because I said so!  If you have yet to give this look a go… consider yourself now in the know and RUN to your favorite retailer or your “go-to” on-line shop and make a purchase.

Need some help?  Well… I am only an email away and you know that I would love to offer an opinion!




…walking into fall.

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After almost seven days of continuous rain and gray skies, I am utterly elated to see the sun!  My poor little raspberry floral umbrella hadn’t seen that much action in years… up – down – up – down… trust me, I gave each mechanical component of that circular canopy a rigorous workout!   If anything, the rainy weather  was confirmation that Washington state living isn’t for me.  Long lasting drizzles and cloudy days just aren’t appealing… they tend to whittle away at what I desire most — my happy disposition.

Which got me to thinking… mainly about some of the things that bring me joy.   As summer comes to a close and we all bid our farewells – it just hit me that the most intoxicating season now approaches.  How excited I am to greet my favorite time of the year and to be walking into fall!

We each have our favorite season, eh?  And for a variety of reasons.  Mmmmmmmmm… when I think of fall, it does make me tingle.  So much for my senses to absorb.  Inhaling the crisp air.  The spectacular color transformation of the leaves… and of course, the rustling sound they make as you traipse through them!  The return of pumpkin lattes, pumpkin bread and pumpkin cheesecake at my favorite eateries.  Haha – football?!  (As the wife of a former football player and a high school varsity football coach who is also a diehard Redskins fan, would you believe that I am still finding it difficult to acquire a love for the sport – baby steps).  Bottom line, the aesthetics of the season are noteworthy and fetching!  Irresistible I’d say.  Especially…

The fashions!

Yes sir!  Layers, layers and more layers.  Boots, boots and you simply can’t have enough BOOTS!  Whew… I would easily declare fall as the quintessential host for your wardrobe – effortlessly inviting your expressiveness and creativity!  I don’t know about you but I am eager to put my sweaters, jackets, scarves and boots back into rotation – probably even most eager to add pieces to my closet – for by far, this is the season in which designers put their best foot forward and introduce their premier collections –  the “must haves”, the most interesting silhouettes and the richest color assortments!!  Yes my friends, forget walking, I am happily falling into fall!

Come on now boys and girls… you do side with me, eh?  Secretly we are all in possession of a Sybil – you know, that Mr. or Mrs. Materialistic personality that adores how we wear our clothes and yearns to look good!  Haha… I’ve got one and she loves fall!  The fashion possibilities are abundant – such a democratic season – embracing and enhancing all body types.  What is not to love?!

Pulling back the reins… perhaps I might have become just a wee bit excited when conveying my adoration.  It is obvious – I am sure that you are aware of my ploy – the intent is to hook you too.  To make you walk with me… I mean seriously, aren’t you too in love with this splendid time of year?

Take your time.  I know I have said it before… but it is true, the love is inevitable!  Nonetheless, I will bet you this… after reading this post, it is only natural that when getting dressed in your fall garb, piling on the layers, zipping or tying up your boots – while peering in the mirror to admire your reflection – I bet you will think of me!