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Thar’s gold in them thar wipes!

In Uncategorized on February 13, 2012 at 7:38 pm

I am feeling like a Georgia gold miner – for I have struck it rich!

My fortune?

A  7″ x 10″ lil’ white wipe that has got me clicking my heels together and singing “Oh Happy Day!”

Haha – I swear that I am NOT trying to come off like an infomercial… but this latest discovery is practically magic!  Gold, I tell you.  Must be, for it has compelled me to veer from my fwd speak and resort to talking about a… a cleaning product?!  I know… I can’t believe it either!

This background information is necessary…

Out of the many things in the world that I take pleasure in, cleaning is not one of them.  Not to say that I don’t clean, I just have my way, my rhythm and my pace.  Certainly if you know my mother OR my younger sister, you know that they are cleaning royalty – crowned as “Queen Clean” and “Princess Clean” – those two ladies can clean the hell out of anything.  They scour and scruuuuuuuuuuuuuub everything.  They swiffer, vacuum and dust daily.  Windows, walls, baseboards – you name it — they do it.  Literally, I have no qualm about eating off of their floors — immaculate!  Neither one of them has a career in the cleaning industry… their knack for cleaning just comes naturally and their skill set SOARS over any housekeeper that I know!

Then there is me.

That hereditary cleaning gene is in me — just buried a little bit deeper – much deeper!  I would much rather design and decorate my house than clean it.  Gosh — I am not painting an attractive picture about myself, eh?!  Hey, truth is… I have my “areas” that I don’t mind cleaning.  I definitely don’t mind getting my hands dirty  – I just prefer to spend my time otherwise.  Actually, I would much rather hire a cleaning service, but my budgeted other half says otherwise.  Fortunately, my other half doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty either and is an active participant with household chores.  THANK GOODNESS that I have been blessed with a husband who is a hell of a cleaner and we have established a routine that works for me… did I say me?  Haha – I meant to say us!

So… after absorbing the background information, you have to understand my delight in discovering a product that affords a shortcut.  Especially a product that does just what it says it will do and holds true to its marketing platform!  The hidden cleaner in me is elated and ready to stay emerged.  So much so that I am pledging allegiance to the Pledge Multi Surface Everyday Wipes!  YOWZA – 25 ingeniously designed wipes, housed in a sleek blue and yellow packaging and equipped with a clever little peel & reseal cover.  These wipes are safe for so many surfaces — they can be used everyday and clean up pretty much everything.


In my best Katt Williams impersonation, I say “EVer-REE-Thang!”

Of course I put them to the test.

The outside of the packaging proudly displays 5 surfaces that the wipes will easily clean.  Haha — allow me to be your Dear Abby, for in the short time that I have owned these wipes, I have tried it all!  Granite… check.  Metal… check.  Wood… check.  Glass… check.  Electronics… check!  Just like the package says… “Quick, Easy… NO Residue Clean.”  One wipe, that cleans all of that — cleaning is looking like less and less of a chore, eh?!  Oh what fun there is to be had – these wipes will help me complete all of my tasks in a jiffy!  See… there is hope for me after all!

I encourage you to check them out:

I’m not even worried that you will be disappointed – just make sure that you stop back by to share your joy, ok?!

Oh…. almost forgot the best part.

These wipes cleaned the red wine residue on my marble countertops with ease!

Humph… you know I’m sold!