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The truth is… we all have a story.

In Uncategorized on December 17, 2011 at 4:18 pm

I know that I certainly have one.

Each detail unique and specific to me, eh?  My story… as would be your story.  So imagine this:  4 individuals, establishing an unconventional book club with one goal in mind – to write your story.

9 months ago, it happened to me.  I was one of the 4, a motivated and committed participant, ready… eager… longing to release the story I held within.  Haha – probably better stated as anxious!  I was antsy… just like a child waiting for Santa.

The first meeting was held at my home.  As I scurried about, trying to ensure that all was set… the doorbell rings.  Dish towel in hand, I sprint downstairs to open the door.  A poised, attractive, salt and peppered man greets me.  Notepad in one hand, the other hand extended, he confidently says, “Hi I’m James Hackely.  I’m here for the book club.”

The rest, as they say is history…  well, let’s just say history in the making.

Out of the 4 participants, Mr. Hackley would be considered the most accomplished.  He joined our group further along in the process.  His story practically documented… an unedited manuscript awaiting the finishing touches.  So while the 3 of us were beginning our race, actually doing the preliminary warm-up stretches, Mr. Hackley was nearing the finish line.

Initially, it would seem that all but Mr. Hackley would benefit from this book club.  With his apt as a writer and thousands of words already written, we definitely deemed him as our resident expert.  Our resource.  Our wordsmith!  Trust me, we solicited his advice.  But, as time passed, each member, including Mr. Hackley found wealth in the union.  An eclectic creative exchange, an alliance and, as Mr. Hackley would say… a fellowship.  The time spent together was fruitful.  The late night discussions, the tweaking of our concepts and written words… even the countless laughs shared while dining were not in vain.  Each of us – the 4 members of this extraordinary book club – are celebrating successes.

Fast forward to last night…

Our determined and hard-working Mr. Hackley is now several months along on his journey as being a published author.  As a token of our admiration and appreciation, we gathered to celebrate him.  Nothing extravagant… like Mr. Hackley, a modest and humble event to acknowledge his accomplishments.  A book club book signing, eh?  Exactly!  An intimate affair with hors d’oeuvres, mango-lemonade, wine, and a loving-tattered box filled with his precious cargo… his book; Body, Mind & Spirit:  The Awakening.  A cozy and memorable event filled with family and friends.  A night dedicated to introducing a new audience to Mr. Hackely while offering him a forum… a stage to acquaint you with his words — his story.

My turn…

Our book club gave birth to many epiphanies.  Some shifted gears with their literary direction and others found confirmation that their initial direction was precise.  For me, I gave birth to a blog.  Haha – my book… still in the making.  But for now, it is my turn to pay homage to a friend.  Without a formal prelude, I encourage you to discover for yourself, something that I most definitely know to be true.  Mr. James Hackley has a magnetic spirit, an engaging presence and a message that will benefit and enlighten us all.  Throughout the book club we were offered snippets of his book… last night, I received my signed copy.

As I begin my journey and open the pages of Body, Mind & Spirit:  The Awakening,  I would love for you to join.  His website, will make all of the appropriate introductions and enable you to order a copy for yourself.  At the minimum, if this post brings him another reader – I am pleased.

Respecting your spirit Mr. Hackley, for I know that you refrain from drinking – – but today, I raise my glass to you.  As you continue along your journey, know that I am a fan.  May you have an abundance of happiness and continued success!