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…and with this, my fashion feet stay firmly planted!

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Funny how such simple thoughts can easily transition into something so significant.

You know… thoughts that to others my appear trivial.  Frivolous thoughts that we often apply to our lives subconsciously and somehow they evolve into these self-imposed rules… rules that we abide by with resolute dedication.

Haha… things like which direction to place the toilet paper on the holder (ahem… flap OVER in my house), what color dishes you purchase (only white for me for I love the way the clean canvas shows off the food) or what sock/shoe goes on first (left for me… always left).

I tend to do this MORE than I care to mention.  My friends would probably blame it on slight obsessive compulsive tendencies… but I’m going to chalk it up to me… just being me!  If I had to apply a ratio, I would say that for the most part these self-imposed rules air on a quirky side and truly are only beneficial to me.  However, there are moments that merit an “ah-ha”… and these are the moments in which I feel compelled to share.

In writing my last blog, I stumbled upon yet another “note” written on Sunday, 15 March 2009.

Titled “Random thoughts regarding fashion…” I posted it on my facebook page, unsure of how it would be received.  Surprisingly, those self-imposed rules generated a healthy response. Hmmmmmm… perhaps I was onto something and had I listened to the advice of others, could have been established much sooner, eh?!

Not a surprise when I say that in revisiting that post, it all still rings true today.  Actually… and I say this emphatically, I would say that when it comes to those fashion rules, I am steadfast.  Unwavering.  Haha… completely committed!

Soooooo, since I shared before, I eagerly share again.  The camaraderie of womanhood is and has always been the muse.

3 years later, here it goes again… but, since I do have those “mild” obsessive compulsive tendencies, I have added just a few thoughts (possibly slight interruptions in the original flow of the post)… all noted by the italics.


Random thoughts regarding fashion…

For whatever reason, I have this overwhelming desire to write (as if I were this “in demand” stylist) a “real woman’s/on a budget, but I want to look fabulous” guide to fashion. Chuckle, if you must, but after reading, I do believe, that even the most hard to win critic, will walk away with a tip… or two.

I know, I know, you have read them in all of the magazines…

The essentials we all must own, the top 5, 10, 15, 25, gazillion things that everyone must wear… and most of us (me included) are somewhat addicted to the television shows, that steer the lost into the light… cough, cough “What Not To Wear” cough, cough…(for the record, I adore Stacy London and Clinton Kelly and would embrace an opportunity to chat with them both).  So check this out, I DID meet Stacy London, 15 April 2012 and she is just as energetic and spirited as I had imagined!
Nonetheless, we read, we watch, we try and wonder… whose advice do we follow, who is right?
All of them? None of them? Some of them?

The answer: they all have something to offer. And it is just that simple.

So ladies, if it were to have a title, let’s just call it “After a bit of trial and error, Kisha recommends…”

· First and foremost, be honest with yourself, without guilt or shame and learn your body type.  Embrace your assets and STOP worrying about what you don’t have.  Apple, pear, hour glass shapes… narrow hips, full hips, long torso, short torso, fuller breast and smaller breast… we learned in our middle school health classes that we were built differently.  So, discover what do you have.  Study your nude body in the mirror, jot down a few notes and let that be your roadmap when investing in your wardrobe. The result… all future purchases will only accentuate the positive!

· Once you figure out what is going to work for you, the next objective is to find who sells it!  You probably already know this, but it is worth repeating… every store is not going to work for your body type.  AND, there are probably stores that will work best for you when you are looking to purchase bottoms and others, which you will go to when needing tops.  This you will only discover by trying on, trying on and more trying on… perhaps a bit tedious in the beginning… but the payoff, once you discover “who” is for you… priceless!  All I will add is this:  Ladies, as we age… we must be willing to let go of some of the stores that no longer cater to our MAGNIFICENT age and body types.  There is a sophistication and incredible beauty in becoming older.  Our wardrobes should reflect that attitude.

· Invest a bit of extra money, in pieces of clothing that work for you and are a necessity for your lifestyle. We all have our favorite “inexpensive” store that we frequent for that one piece, for that one event… but, we do so knowing, that after a few washes, that item has a short lifespan in our closet. But, for those key items that we need for work, or home, or all of the after work cocktail parties – spend a bit more, invest in garments made with higher quality fabrics, launder them properly and you will quickly see your hard earned dollars go further.

· Own jeans that flatter your shape.  Can I say that again… own jeans that flatter your shape.  Yes, this can be grueling (no joke)… Make a decision as to how much you are willing to invest, do a bit of online research and take a friend (who will be honest) with you when you trying on the various styles.  Be patient and you too will have your “ah ha” moment.  And, if you already have that brand loyalty, and they work for you… stick to it and invest in several pairs.  A nice slim fitting jean in a dark (mildly distressed) wash takes me there!!!! YOWZA!

· With that said, and for those that know me, you will understand this next statement…
Once you find an item that works for you, purchase it in ALL of the colors that flatter your complexion.  And, before you think it… no, this will not lead to a boring wardrobe.  You have found the perfect fit of black pants… well; do they come in chocolate or charcoal? You found the ideal wrap sweater (my personal “I can’t live without”…gosh, truth be told, the list continues to grow and occasionally gets tweaked.  But I would have to add that adding pops of animal print is a beautiful thang!) get ALL of the colors that suit you… not your friends, not the photo in the magazine, but you… only you.  The fun comes in how you mix and match… reinvent the wheel, the “color wheel” that is! If you don’t own one, visit your local art store and for a few bucks, you are on your way to creating magnificent color schemes within your wardrobe.

· Last, but certainly not least… do not forget the accessories!
This is the ooooohh, laaa laaaaaahhh to defining your signature style.  How many ways can you reinterpret denim and a white tank… countless, because it is all about the accessories!  And, just to be clear, I am speaking about the shoes, the bag, the coat, the scarf, the jewelry, the shoes, the blazer, the tote, the earrings, the bracelet… do it right, and this will keep your secret “fashion” admirers wanting more, more and more.  The lovely part about accessories is that they come in a variety of price points… and often times, if implemented correctly in your wardrobe, the least expensive of accessories, look like a million bucks!  What a segue (and a shameless plug)… specking of accessories, I just celebrated  my one year anniversay as a stella & dot stylist.  Check me out at: and   Not that I am pushing my favorites on anyone (which is why I haven’t mention any of my favorite stores… fashion is truly subjective and, truth be told, my favorites may not work for you body type) but… blazers are a nonnegotiable. They come in a variety of cuts and work for practically everyone!  As you build you accessory wardrobe, concentrate on what you determine are your staples… then from there, the sky is the limit!  Seriously… a structured blazer is a fashion lifesaver.  EVERY WOMAN should own at least a classic black blazer!

Not to be interpreted as a sermon… just me, spreading some love to my fellow girls.
It is important that we all feel simply amazing in our unique skin.  So, if my random thoughts gave you any insight… then I am humbled.  Perhaps, as you are shopping, you will chuckle and think of me as you are looking at yourself in the mirror, trying on one of your “new” favorites!

And there it is.

And, for the record:  Yes… to these rules I am forever loyal!




Finding “your” shade.

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At times it could feel like finding a needle in a haystack.  Almost  impossible!

For the longest, those were my sentiments regarding finding the perfect shade of red lipstick.  Back in college is when it began.  Basically, it was trial and error.  Playing around with lip colors, experimenting with an assortment of shades… pretty much, just trying to find ones that worked with my complexion.   Some successes and even more fails – but eventually, I recognized my pattern and made a very fashionable discovery…


What a sexy color, eh?!

Starts off as seduction in a tube… then, with the right application on your lips, it turns into pure fire!  Come on now fellas – you know that you are intrigued by this look.  Ladies – when it’s done right, red lips are guaranteed to turn heads!  Don’t even get me started… red lips exude glamour, incite mystery, scream sophistication and yes… sometimes whisper risqué.  They evoke an attitude – no – they ARE an attitude.  An attitude that any woman can easily possess… it all rests in finding your perfect shade!

Ah’ight now ladies – what took me years and years to learn, I am giving to you in one sentence; the trick to finding your shade of red is simply determined by your skin tone.  To be exact, your skin tone temperature which is determined by your undertones.  Are you a cool?  Or… are you a warm?  Google it — the tests and quizzes that can be found are endless.  But the long and short of it is this:  red lipsticks are divined into two categories – cool shades that are blue-based and warm shades that are orange-based.  Generally, the rule is that blue-based reds flatter specific skin tones as do warm-based reds.  Soooo… if you have  a basic understanding your skin tone then you will be able to identify the red color category that suits you best.



Me?  All of that experimentation helped me discover that I lean towards blue-based reds.  Haha – and my preferred brand for that “knock ’em dead” red… MAC.  My red collection?  6 MAC tubes that I keep in rotation.  And out of them, there is one that takes the lead… it is my weakness — Ruby Woo (  This is truly a universal color.  Whether cool or warm… I can’t say that I have met a person that the color didn’t compliment.  A vintage color, great matte finish and long wearing.  Can you tell?  Ruby Woo has wooed me!

MAC should be proud for I definitely promote brand loyalty.  But recently…

I did stray and try something new.  Haha – I think lured is more appropriate.  For months now, I have been tabbing pages in my fashion magazines – dog earring sensational ads for red lipstick that seemed to be calling me to come hither.  Always the same ad for the same brand.  Since I am already a brand ambassador for the fragrances, I guess it was just a matter of time before I delved into other products.  And so it is… this girl’s added a 7th tube.  How fitting that it is the 7th addition… my favorite and lucky number!

My new shade?  CHANEL’s Lune Rousse (Red Moon)… and for the record, it has me captivated.  Compared to my beloved Ruby Woo, this is a much deeper red.  Equally as flattering, this blue-based red is a modern day version of what on-screen stars wore in those classic black and white movies.  Without a doubt, I could easily see Bette Davis, Ava Gardner or Joan Crawford applying this sultry color to their lips!  I’m sold and easily offer my recommendation… apparently I am not alone.

Lune Rousse is currently sold out on CHANEL’s website.  For my search, I went to two major department stores, both sold out.  Thank goodness for UPS… my tube – compliments of a Oregon Nordstrom.  Who knew lip color could be that popular…

Interested in my new find?  Looks like you are going back to Google  (  Haha- such a long link for such a little tube, eh?

There is something hypnotic about lips painted red… especially when the lip color is your perfect shade.  I’ve found mine — what’s yours?

Initially, the search for the right red might appear arduous, but with patience and persistence…

it’s worth it.



Well hellooooooooo Dr. Perricone!

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Shhhhhh!  Don’t you dare tell my husband that I am in love with another man.

His name  is Dr. Nicholas Perricone, MD and even though he has no idea, the man has me downright smitten!  How long you ask?  Ummm, for about three months now… completely infatuated… head in the clouds – I absolutely can not get enough!  Haha – all joking aside, I will admit that there truly is an attraction.  But, what was initially fueled by vanity, has now transformed into something revitalizing and pure.  A continued love of self and loving the skin that I am in!

So, for those that need an introduction, my boy, Dr. Perricone is the creator of my new skin care regimen.  And before the gentlemen stop reading – dude – you too can benefit from his research and products.  Since we are all web savvy – anything and everything that you want to know about Perricone MD products can be found on his website at  However, since my enthusiasm is spewing, allow me to offer my two cents and share with you a wee bit of insight… you know, the reason why he has stolen my heart!

I always have this overwhelming need to provide a forward for my thoughts… haha – a preamble, eh?  With that said… in the same manner that we fashion our bodies with the clothes that fill our closets, we should follow suit with our skin.  Just as we do with our wardrobe – analyzing our body types and purchasing clothes accordingly – we should apply the same diligence when investing in our skin care.  A careful assessment of your skin type can easily generate a road map to an antidote for healthy and radiant skin.  Not to gloat… but I do feel blessed that genetics have favored me and my skin is in good condition.  Pair that with a holistic regimen that stimulates healthy skin by addressing the issue internally  – attacking cellular inflammation – there is no doubt that I am definitely the beneficiary of Dr. Perricone’s research!

No…!  Definitely not trying to get all scientific with you… out of my area of expertise.  Only enlightenment.  Hoping that my learnings may open the door for you.  I do believe that we all desire skin that is noticeable… it glows and stops traffic, eh?!  Hey… allow me my indulgence!  Seriously though, from what I have experienced thus far, the products – or comeceuticals as he terms them – they work!  At this point in my life, I have tested and tried several products… all with the hopes of nourishing my skin,  preventing wrinkles and retaining a youthful appearance.  Without a doubt, Perricone MD, in a very short amount of time, has produce remarkable results!  I love my mirror reflection (as we ALL should) and if I may be honest, the compliments — they are continuous!

Yes… before you go there – I already know what you are thinking.  And no, I didn’t invest in the products to receive compliments, smiling as I say this – it just happens!  Regardless of your skin type, or your sex – because remember fellas, I am talking to you as well – you will reap the benefits.  The process with Perricone MD is so simple – a quick skin quiz and you are immediately set with the prescription best suited for your needs.  Want to up the ante?   Find yourself your own personal Perricone Perriconista!  Hey – I found mine!  Giving a shameless plug, I would encourage those living in the Washington DC area to most expeditiously make an appointment with Denise Webster.  She is a stunning gem… her energy is intoxicating and she is more than capable of pairing you with products that WILL produce results.  Probably no surprise, but she too has her own blog and can be contacted at

I am hoping that you will delve further and learn more about this revolutionary skin care solution.  Not even in my character to be star struck… but several well-known celebrities that grace movie screens and the pages of your favorite magazines have discovered the Perricone MD secret.  As for me, it really isn’t necessary to elaborate on the products that complete my personal prescription.  With skin types and lifestyles so varied, it is expected that the skin care regimens will follow suit.  But, I will say this… the one product that has become a nonnegotiable – my jack of all trades – it just does it all –  is Cold Plasma!  OMG… the stuff is freaking amazing!

Whew… I feel the adrenaline rush… only because I know the products are simply worthy of such praise.  Hopefully you are curious, eh?!  If not today, soon.  It is inevitable.  We all want to look our best.  So why not accept this short cut – embrace my trial and error and join the many who know that my beloved Dr. Perricone is the bomb!  Tell me how it goes…ok?