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That’s my pen…

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Liquid Gel Ink.

Metal Tip .o7.

And ONLY black ink.

As of late… that’s my pen of choice.

In true “Bob Dole” fashion, I’ve always kept a good writing utensil close at hand.

An Army officer for a father, this practice, along with the notion that one should have a signature with “strength”, was subconsciously ingrained in me as a child.  I’m certain that my artistic abilities heightened the attraction for “all things” that made a mark.  But…evolving with age, it wasn’t until the high school years, that I became utterly obsessed — naaaaah — probably more like, enchanted with pens.

Fellow lovers of pens… you know how we do, eh?

The aisles at Staples stop us in our tracks.

Truth be told… it is any pen aisle in any store that will cast this magnetic draw.

Even if we are loyal to a brand, just gazing at the potential possibilities keeps us entranced… like a toddler exploring a new toy, it is both eye and hand candy!  Weak, I say!  Haha… it is a weakness, that is also exhilarating!  Annnnnnd with that “weakness”… referencing my initial statement; you HAVE to be a lover of pens to comprehend.

As a pen devotee, I am giddy… rather proud to say that in early March of this year, I won an Instagram contest sponsored by #pentelofamerica, my FAVORITE brand of pens.  


Script on paper, with a quick nod to the past Washington DC blizzard like conditions, earned me several new free writing goodies!  Who knew that $250 in brand spanking new writing tools, delivered to my door… could have the same impact as the first sip of a fabulous glass of wine!

Haha… I’m spinning off course.  So all embellishments aside…

There is power in a pen.

A good writing pen.

One that effortlessly accentuates and enhances your handwriting.  One that simply glides as you write…  where the weight and size of the pen feels fabulous in your hand.  One that is attractive in its appearance… absolutely showing no signs of grime.  One that dispenses theeeeeeeeeeee “perfect” ink.  And one that puts that “professional” stamp and emphasis on what you do.

Did you get that last statement?

(Enter the mildly OCD me… the me with a few pen “pet peeves”)

That last statement is the true power.

Within a professional environment, a good pen… a good writing pen matters.  Simple as that!

The professional setting?

The full gamut of professional environments…. which includes any setting from the grocery store, to the doctor’s office, to schools, restaurants, retail establishments… you get where I’m going, right?   In a professional setting, don’t you dare require my signature/ask me to complete a form and then extend a pen that lessens the experience with your business.  (Actually, my one exception is automotive repair shops… with their hands embedded in oil changes and such, they can’t help the muck that accumulates on their pens).

I get that “lessens”  could read as such a harsh word.  Sooooo, without sounding haughty or arrogant, for truly, I’m only talking about a “pen”… I offer this anecdote.

With my career as an interior designer, it is common for my design firm to finish the month with a half of a million dollars (or plus) in sales.  The cost of our product, coupled with the amount money generated in sales, absolutely sets the tone for the “expected” experience with my firm.

While projects, as well as the final price for a project vary, the experience offered to each client is fair and consistent.  It is a full design service experience.  Naturally, each client tailors the service to suit their individual project needs… but completing the project, while protecting the “experience” is always priority.  And with the interior design field… it is an aesthetic experience.  One that begins with the initial designer/client meeting… and ends with the client “signing” on the dotted line.

Circling back to the power of the pen…

Such a tiny component of the experience.  Most may not even make the connection… or, bet yet, realize the relevance.

But how, as a professional, does one present a project (possibly in a range of thousands of dollars), engage the client and secure their “by-in”… and then… (wait for it)… extend a pen for their signature that reads “Suzi-Q’s hot-buttered Muffins”… you feel me?

It’s important.  It matters.  And albeit a minor element to the big picture… it matters!

It must matter… for in my professional world, I am a stickler for my writing tool.

So much so that, since my firm provides their own type of pen, I have always (since being employed with them) personally purchased my own pen of choice.  Nothing extravagantly expensive either…. a pack of 7 of my tool of choice may cost about $9 or $10 bucks.

What’s wrong with always wanting to be prepared… armed…  and ready to enhance the momentum of the “experience”.

Sounds silly, eh?

So if I tell you that several at my company have followed suit… does it still sound silly?

Surely this is applicable to other areas in both personal and professional worlds.  Curious if you too might share this belief…

I always have a pen.



Liquid Gel Ink.

Metal Tip .o7.

And ONLY black ink.

My pen.

Haha… and don’t be offended if when you extend yours, I reach for mine.






















Nailhead… my nonnegotiable.

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Luscious.  Decadent.  Scrumptious.

At first glance, one would think that my adjectives are describing some irresistible and savory entrée.  Yep, calculated and intentional.  My word choice is meant to arouse your taste buds – but definitely not for food.  The goal; to whet your appetite and make you hungry for one of the best ways to adorn and accent your furniture.  My nonnegotiable — Nailhead!

Ooh-la-la!  I really can’t help myself!

Nailhead on furniture is like that tall, dark and handsome (or beautiful) stranger in the corner – your eye is just naturally drawn their way and the connection is inevitable.  Nailhead is a sensory treat and the ultimate chameleon.  Available in an array of finishes and design applications, it can be interpreted as sultry, masculine, elegant  – even rugged.  Haha – the candid me would imply that nailhead immediately elevates your “wow” furniture to a tantalizing “WTF” status!  Seriously?!  Have you ever taken your fingers and traced the path of nailhead — the rhythm, the texture and the sound are enough to make you want to apply nailhead to everything you own!

For those unfamiliar; nailhead is ornamentation, resembling the head of a nail, that is applied to upholstered and wooden furniture — probably most commonly applied to sofas, chairs, benches, ottomans and headboards.  Basically, it highlights and enhances the silhouette of the furniture.  Dating back to 1560 with the introduction of the French Country style, nailhead are still applied to the furniture in the original manner – hammered in one by one.  The nailhead can vary in size, shape and metallic compositions… it is all determined by the scale and proportions of the furniture on which it is applied.

As you shop, you will find that many retailers and design centers offer this fantastic option for their furniture.  For me, the difference rests on customizing the nailhead for your design project.  In other words, walking into a retailer and being offered a limited assortment versus (mainly with upholstered furniture) going to a retailer in which you choose options based on your design project.  You create a custom piece.  You select the fabric, the finish of the legs, etc… including the style of nailhead.  Obviously, I prefer the latter.  As a designer, I can assure you, nailhead makes a difference!  It aids in adding character and personality to your design.  And lucky for us, since design is so very subjective, it works with each and every design style!

Do I dare tell that I might be a wee bit addicted to nailhead?  Perhaps even subconsciously, I steer my clients towards this option.  I think it should be a nonnegotiable for every design.  Every home should have at least one item in it that is embellished with nailhead.  Honestly, it absolutely makes THAT much of a statement!

Maybe you are curious, so I will share… so far, I only own three items containing nailhead – a sofa, a tufted bench and an incredibly rustic console table.  You did see that I said “so far” – haha – indeed I do have a detailed list of several items that must be added to my collection!

Naturally, I do encourage you to follow suit.  Yes… I know, design is individual – to each his own.  I get it.

But… it would make such an impact.  More than likely, many of you share my passion, eh?!  For those still contemplating, I say, be bold and daring — take a chance and be adventurous with your next purchase.  Add a lil’ spice with nailhead!