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Mine are magenta!

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Fuchsia, hot pink, raspberry… pinkish purple.

Call it what you want… but mine are magenta and they are snazzy!

If you haven’t heard by now – colored denim is all the rage for the spring and summer.  Everyone… and I mean EVERYONE has created their version.  With styles and price points ranging from couture level to JC Penny and Target – colored denim definitely has a presence.

A nod to the colorful 1980’s?  Of course… but the 2012 editions have been revamped and are refined.  The updated styling options of pants, shorts, skirts and jackets are vast and not just for women – YES FELLAS, you too can sport this look!

Male or female, don’t be shy.  Why not have a bit of fun and embrace this colorful craze?    The color selection is so broad – surely your favorite color can be found.  It’s an easy way to wake up your trusty neutrals or, if you prefer a bolder approach, the perfect pairing for other colorful items — what a punch, eh?  Yes, I am your pusher, for I say dive in!  Don’t deny yourself!  Finding a pair (or two) can easily be accomplished… the only difficulty you might encounter is ensuring a proper fit for your body type.  Wait — that’s another blog topic, eh?

My story…

Since I adore my fashion magazines, especially InStyle and Lucky, I am constantly thumbing through the pages to see what will be the “look” for the season.  Rewind back to the January magazine editions… that’s when I first stumbled across the images of colored denim, all of the ads, the styling options — and that’s when I saw my magenta pants!  Wow – the hairs on my arms stand up when I think about it.  Those damn pants were hot… they spoke to me – “Kishaaaaaaaa… this is all you!  Kishaaaaaaa… we are meant to be.  Kishaaaaaaa… you have got to have me.”  Haha – seriously, that’s what they said!

Immediately, I was in love!  I envisioned myself wearing them –  in a matter of seconds, I know that I complied at least a week’s worth of different outfits.  Those damn magenta pants… they consumed me.  I was weak – I lusted after those pants!  I know… craziness!  The things some do for fashion, eh?


After a few months of being frugal and patiently waiting for a sale, I finally invested and got my pants.  Score!  Even at full price (since the sale on these puppies never came) I am still elated — the fit is pure perfection!  As I shift from side to side in the mirror admiring the fit of my new Always Skinny Skimmer jeans, all I can think is – gotta love GAP denim!  What is it about their denim???

Actually, let me not pretend like I don’t already know the answer to that question.  Considering that I was employed with the company  for almost 10 years, I know that at GAP, they get denim right.  A variety of fits to suit the body types and style preferences for both men and women, several options with denim washes and a moderate price point… GAP denim is just classic.  Trust me, if you enter that store with a need for denim and the patience for trying things on — walking out with a great fitting pair of jeans is guaranteed!  GUARANTEED!

Just two little secrets to share:

  1. Have an open mind on sizing  – let the fit on your body be the guide, rather than the size on the pants.
  2. When trying on, take multiple items in the same size with you in the fitting room.

GAP, as with all retailers, has an allotted size variance during manufacturing.  Hmmm, if memory serves me correctly, it is 1/4″ … or is it 1/2″  — bottom line, the same size can vary in fit.  So, for example, if you are a size 8 — take all the 8’s in the fitting room.  Pay attention to the fit of each – SERIOUSLY – there is one that is bound to fit better.  My magenta pants… I tried on 3 in the same size — what is that saying about the third time is a charm?  Yep.  Number 3 was the one!

Perfect timing for the arrival of spring, eh?  Hey, if you haven’t even or ever considered colored denim – it’s not too late.  With all the press centered around this color trend, I am pretty certain that the stores will continue to replenish their inventory.  With a quickness!

As I tear the tags of off mine, I am smirking at this… my hang tag reads:

“Don’t be afraid to show some skin… a little bit of ankle and a whole lot of attitude!”

Those damn magenta pants… we are about to have some fun!




A vision… captured on a board.

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After months of chatter with a select group of colleagues, it finally came to fruition – I had a vision board party.


I’d say  – why not?

The idea of making a collage or board via collected images that depict goals and aspirations isn’t new, it is a practice that stems from our elementary school days, eh?  In our current time — times pronounced by heightened self-awareness and a constant re-evaluation of self, these boards – vision boards – are being revived.  Adults making vision boards is experiencing a reawakening… especially gathering and sharing the experience with those who respect and appreciate the process.

Probably the 2006 release of Rhonda Byrne’s best-selling book The Secret, best captures the board’s intent.  The book speaks on the law of attraction, the power of positive thinking, expressing gratitude and utilizing visualization to attain goals.  Simply put — a vision board acts as your channel.  A vehicle for your short-term and long-term goals.  An artistic daily reminder of your dreams and way of harnessing your energy so that your desires become reality.

Nice, eh?!  Refreshing, innovative… and actually when done as a group, the event can be incredibly insightful.

As planned, the group was small – both colleagues and friends.  Truly a quartet – for instead of song, our melody was the sound of magazine pages being torn, scissors cutting and the thump of glue sticks as they moved about the table.  Foam board, canvases, card stock, and a slew of magazines decorated the floor… some of the guests came prepared with several images to incorporate onto their board, others came simply driven by spontaneity – using the magazines I had on hand to interpret their vision.  Good times…and definitely more than just a night of sophisticated cut and paste/arts and crafts.

The party was a success!

We all were able to create a uniquely motivating vision board.  I’m thinking mission accomplished!  My favorite element — the party concluded with each guest having a platform to explain their board to the group and describe their vision.  How interesting it is to discover the dreams of another… and how humbling it is to see their passion as they share their desires.  At that point, the board takes flight, eh?!  We have given it breath – all that is left is to find a prominent spot in your home to keep the board in your constant sight and work towards your dreams!

Haha — and don’t think that we didn’t have treats!

Yes, appetizers, fresh fruits and sweets … but treats is also code for wine!

Of the several bottles that were on hand, two were a gift to me from my boss.  Two reds from the Tara Winery in Leesburg, VA – Nevaeh Red 2008 and Tranquility 2009.  Absolutely AMAZING!  Especially the Tranquility 2009.  Screaming with flavor and packed with structure, it was the  perfect mate for my “it’s so delicious that IF you ever taste it, you will crave it” spinach dip.  Haha – all jokes aside – SERIOUSLY, it is that damn good!  For me, there is more to learn about these well priced wines… this summer, I’m definitely committed to visiting this winery and scheduling a tasting.

So now perhaps you too are inspired about instituting a vision board in your life?

Take a peek at what our group created —

(a closer image of my board)

I am inspired… and I encourage you to get creative!



Stumped by a rebus?

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Those darn tricky little rebus puzzles!

An entertaining word play, eh?

Cleverly arranged pictograms that denote a syllabic sound, combined with basic letters, create these hidden messages.  Messages that when revealed are incredibly simplistic but while deciphering – it can feel as if you are attempting to crack a top-secret cryptic code!

An intimate impromptu gathering at a relative’s picturesque row house was the catalyst for the night’s entertainment.  An early March crab feast.  5 dozen steamed crabs, an ample amount of crab legs, shrimp, scallops, homemade crab sauce and melted butter.  All positioned in the center of a grand dining room table that had been strategically lined with not one… but two disposable plastic table cloths AND at least a 1/2 inch layer of newspaper.  That’s right!  Gotta protect that investment!

While the children ate their grilled hot dogs and retreated to the basement for video games, the adults selected their drink of choice and took their places at the table… let the feast commence!  My drink?  Haha – surprise surprise – this time, not wine… a blue party cup filled with plenty of ice and refreshing ginger ale.  But for the men – two choices of beer; a tall and sleek Corona or a short and stumpy Mickey’s.  Yesssssss… I said it, Fine Malt Liquor Mickey’s!

Not being a beer drinker and quickly forming an opinion merely on my limited knowledge, my bet was on the Corona… especially for my “I don’t drink domestic beer” husband.  Certainly he wasn’t going to revert back to his penniless college days.  You know the days… days in which your drink of choice was regulated by coins.  Pretty much, you drank whatever you could afford — and it wasn’t often the good stuff!

I’m thinking that it was nostalgia that prevailed.  Or could it have been the taste?  At any rate, as we chatted, munched on seafood and cracked open crab shells, the 3 men at the table completely ignored the Corona and devoured 2 six-packs of Mickey’s.  Another surprise – Mickey’s was consumed and enjoyed.  It was a stimulus and truly… how the fun began.

Who knew that the gold cap that topped the barrel-shaped green bottle was a prize in itself?

Ok…maybe you did, but not me!

Well, these gold caps are home to a quirky rebus puzzle… and those rebus puzzles provided hours of entertainment!  Of course I had to do my research.  Mickey’s is one of 15 beers that hides rebus puzzles under the caps.  Did you know that these caps are called “crown ticklers”?  Funny little nickname – sounds a bit naughty, eh?!  Definitely brain teasers.  Mildly embarrassed to admit… but there were a few that I could not decipher!

Good times, eh?

Cap after cap, passed around the table by old bay covered fingers… each one of us infusing bit of our personality as we worked on solving the mystery.  We even created a quick competition for the kids… timing them to see how many that they could interpret.  Haha – they didn’t fare as well as expected… but it was humorous and yielded an enormous amount of laughter.

Good times, indeed!

Particularly for my husband’s cousin.  He lovingly teased me throughout the night… telling me I should leave my bourgeois wine speak alone and blog about “this right here” Mickey’s.  “$5.99 for a six-pack at your grocery store… great price and it get’s the party started.” – his script for me to write.

Consider it done.

SNJ – this post is dedicated to you.

Although I am not sippin’ on that Fine Malt Liquor, I will happily accept a gold cap and help you solve the rebus puzzle any day.

And by the way… did you know that if you click — ALL of the answers are there?!