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The experiment and the project.

In Uncategorized on February 20, 2012 at 12:09 am

Isn’t it interesting how your children’s projects can easily evolve into “parent’s” projects?!

Such is the case for me – and my son’s spanish project.

After a busy weekend at work, the reward for myself (since I knew what work with my son still awaited at home) would be a glass (or two) of wine… a glass that would be both invigorating yet relaxing — oxymoron, yes — but attainable nonetheless!

Knowing that I wanted to try something new… and not even interested in being the “selector” of this new venture, I decided that my husband would be the one.  The one to choose, based on whatever instructions I gave, the reward that would grace my lips and supply that “ahhhhhh” that I sought.  If you know me, that is not an easy feat… and for him to engage – haha – well, let the games begin.

The experiment.  To see what he would pick based on my instruction and his knowledge of what typically tantalizes my taste buds.  A full-bodied red was my only requirement — the rest, up to him.

The project.  A timeline… “mi Ninez”… my childhood.  A quick, yet comprehensive outline of my son’s 13 years on this earth.  The objective; each year should be detailed by 1 – 2 descriptive sentences and include pictures.  Naturally, since I am the family photographer, supplying the pictures was my responsibility and my after work mission.

Other than the photographs that are stored on an older hard drive and as of late, my mac… I am at the mercy of two very old and incredibly dusty rectangular plastic pins… each with at least 50-60 “old school” paper envelope packs of photographs developed from 35mm film.  Haha — what is that, eh?!  Needless to say, to gather the pictures needed would be mildly cumbersome  — pair that with a day thronged with design and customers looking for holiday bargains — a glass of wine was definitely on my to-do list!

The surprise.

Actually, it came two-fold.

The hunt for images… the sifting through old photographs, it was far from the complicated task that I had imagined.  Some odd 13 years later… images of my younger self… me pregnant… images of me with my children as toddlers — the nostalgia flooded my body.  Speechless, epecially as my husband shared vivid stories that managed to bring the photographed images back to life.  My son’s laughter… his expressions… even his recollection — all too much.  Acutally — it was nothing short of priceless.

The other surprise.

My husband’s selection.  WOW… that shit was dead on!

An Italian wine.  LAGARIA 2009 Merlot.  Not even deterred by the screw top – I just dove in, expecting it to be… well, how does the saying go?  “It is what it is.”  Smacking my lips, I say that this is a bottle worthy of the minimal monetary investment.  As I poured, the scent that radiated from the glass had me intrigued.  Not even disappointed that it was a medium-bodied wine… for it was bursting with a fruity bouquet that grew stronger with each sip.  DAMN… my husband is a diligent student. eh?!  Or do I gloat and think… I taught him well?!  Haha – he would never admit to this – but I think he reverted back to our travels to Italy last summer and selected a wine based on that region.  Trust me, I am definitely not complaining… my empty glass (ok, glasses)  is proof of my approval!

So, if you can imagine… me – 100% in the moment with my son… his project… the photographs and the wine.  At times, the only action that was appropriate to appreciate — rather, be in the moment — was both eyes closed and a VERY deep inhale.  If anything, it was a reminder that time passes oh so quickly.  And, as we all know to be true — Life is short.

Sidenote:  I grew hungry and rummaged the fridge for a snack to accompany my wine.  Who knew that my black cherries just purchased from Fresh Market would make the perfect mate.  Bite the cherry, sip the wine, bite the cherry… that was my routine.  This haphazard paring —  absolutely a dynamic duo — and enough to make one scream “what the ____!”

In case you are curious… there is still a bit of work left to do on my son’s project.  Naturally he will take the lead with the workload – of course, with his mom by his side.  Hmmm…. is it wrong if I get another bottle of LAGARIA?

Hey… I’m just saying!




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