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My No. 2 pencil… is a skirt!

In Uncategorized on January 18, 2012 at 11:22 pm

The most common pencil for taking standardized test, eh?

Best friend to both students and teachers, the ubiquitous No. 2 pencil is an unquestionable “must have” for every school year.  It’s pretty much a no brainer – this slender tool is a downright nonnegotiable!   At least one will be  found in every child’s backpack and desk… the trusty No. 2 pencil is not only practical but it is guaranteed (with the broad assortment of stylishly colorful designs) to be the most fashionable element in the pencil-case.  In its own right… a timeless classic!




These words ring true to yet another type of pencil.  Haha – I am just putting it out there – when thinking of that “must have No. 2 pencil”, this is by far my favorite interpretation and my downright nonnegotiable.  My practical tool for any time of the year… the simple, elegant, understated and ageless pencil skirt.

I bet you would consider me crazy if I told you that those skirts make me week in the knees.  Humph… then I would respond by saying what’s crazy is any girls’ closet that is void of one!  Who wouldn’t want a garment that was versatile, sleek and highlighted their silhouette?  I am encouraging everyone to jump on board.  The pencil skirt is a fashion staple that suits many shapes – can I get a “Hallelujah” – for it is not just reserved for the girls shaped like pencils!

Christian Dior’s 1940’s design introduced the world to this curve hugging show stopper.  This straight, slim-fitting number is, in my opinion, a woman’s secret weapon.  An item that not only flatters your figure but elevates your wardrobe by offering countless styling options — that’s damn near magic, eh?!  Oh glorious pencil skirt, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways!  I love you with flip-flops and a bright tank top… with sandals and a sheer blouse… with pumps and a structured blazer… even with boots and a chunky sweater.

Don’t even get me started on the most popular style and what Tim Gunn ( would most definitely include on his list of 10 essentials — the “black” pencil skirt.  Seriously, it’s a chameleon.  It can be smart and savvy for the business woman, carefree and comfortable for those easy breezy ladies, and super sexy for the socialite club-hopping diva!  Like I said… truly a secret weapon!

Available in an array of fabrics and an even greater color and pattern selections, the pencil skirt is a work of art.  Animal print, charcoal gray, black, white, citron, banana yellow, turquoise and poppy are just a few of the styles that I own and keep in constant rotation – so I speak from experience when I offer this one tip…

The trick to looking great in your slim-fitting pencil skirt is paying attention the fit and not wearing it so tight that it appears painted on.  A tailored look is what you seek.  The skirt should hug your curves and have a little give.  This means that you just might have to ignore the size label inside of your skirt and opt for a smaller, or larger size to achieve the ideal fit.  With the construction of a pencil skirt, this should be easy, especially since you have leeway with where the skirt can rest on your waist.

And it’s just that simple.

Since I am sharing…

take a peek at these links  — five of my favorite spots for pencil skirt shopping!  These stores tend to be incredibly democratic with their fits, have both classic and trendy selections, and a range of price points for the savviest of shoppers.,, and

I am looking for feedback ladies.  Surely I am not the only one singing the praises of the pencil skirt!

Or am I?



  1. I love my No. 2 pencil skirts from JCrew! I bought them in several colors…can’t imagine my wardrobe without them! Hallelujah!!!

  2. I second that Thandie! I’m singing with you Kisha…I love my JCrew No.2s in blue, black, animal and paisley prints!

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