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R E P E A T!

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Once tends to never be enough.


Both my nemesis and companion.  A relationship established as a child… I am certain that it will forever be my constant oxymoron.  Perhaps it can be considered an eccentric habit.  Who knows – it’s just my thing.  When it comes to certain aspects of my life, I am subconsciously drawn into its arms.


I am positive that those in my circle probably chuckle at me. I am the girl who shops for the same tailored cuts in clothing – just in different colors.  I am the one who plays a song over, and over and over – and to me, it sounds just a good the tenth time as it did the first.  I tend to push that repeat button with the types of make-up and accessories I purchase, the kinds of food I eat… even the variety of wine I drink.

It just happens.  Once I discover something new, something appealing to my senses… I just want more and more and more.  Seriously, once is not enough!  I speak the truth when I say that repetition and I have a love/hate relationship.  Haha – there are times I fear that my repetitive quirks make me a bore?  Blah… who wants to get stuck in a rut?  Not me!  I certainly don’t want to deny myself new experiences.  Then again, there are times that I relish repetition.  It floods me with a feelings  – like an old friend coming back to visit.  It just fits… it just fits like a glove.

So imagine the smile that appeared on my face when doing a bit of research…

Comments from a friend regarding a blog that I posted triggered this research.  With my appetite for wine, he suggested that I might do blog on “the finish.”  Hmmm… the finish.  I could deduce from the term what it involved.  Gotta be sure though… especially with my wine skill set only being in the germination stage.  I still consider myself to be a pupil; learning quickly, but still a pupil.  Research pays off – Ah ha!  Found it!  Better yet… experienced it!

The finish is the last component of wine tasting.  It is what you experience once you swallow – the impression, the sensation, the feeling.  In a nutshell, it is the way the wine lingers on your tongue… it’s how long it lingers and its strength.  Mmmmm… quite possibly could be described as the way the wine makes love to your mouth.  And, just like with love-making, the finish of wine is momentous and is often the determining factor for engaging again.

Naturally, the finish of wine is subjective… the variation of palates and the quality of the wine dictates how one experiences that residual treat.  Throughout my research, there was one common thread – something that despite my schoolgirl wine tasting status – I have always know to be true.  According to my online sommeliers, a good finish makes you want to go back for more.  Have another glass.  Purchase another bottle.  Experience the wine again and again…

Repetition baby!  Haha – now you see why I was smiling!

Since I was researching, I had to conduct my own experiment.  So… with friends, I drank of bottle of wine, attempting to focus only on the finish.  You know I got sidetracked… especially since it was a bottle that I had never tried before.  Gifted to me was a succulent French red blend called Chateau Greysac Medoc.

Once I opened the bottle and sniffed the bottom of the berry stained cork, my toes literally curled in anticipation.  Looking at the way it poured into my glass and having hints of the true aroma tease my nose, I was even more anxious for a sip.  “Focus on the finish Kisha, focus on the finish” is what I whispered in my head.  I follow my routine; swirl the glass, deep inhale, sip, move the wine around in my mouth and swallow… in no time, I was greeted with a finish that was remarkable!

Oh Chateau, how you warm my body.  I enjoyed the spicy heat that rushed over my tongue… truly impressed with how long it remained.  I intentionally spaced my sips and paid close attention to the results after swallowing.  Even during conversation, as I inhaled and exhaled in between words, the heat from my breath seemed to stimulate and reactivate the flavors left on my taste buds.  WOW!  Seriously, what was that I mentioned about making love…WOW!

Repetition indeed.

Not only do I now have a better understanding of the finish, I was lucky enough to discover a wine that I will consume again and… I think you get it.

Thanks D!  Haha – your suggestion is getting me closer to becoming a scholar, eh?

For all who are game and want to experience;  Of course I want to know your take.




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