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From me, to you – GHOST PINES.

In Uncategorized on December 10, 2011 at 7:25 am

Pinus sabiniana.

Hope you have better luck than I, for I struggled with the pronunciation.

Second try – with some assistance from my favorite site, Wikipedia – Pinus sabiniana, the scientific botanical name for a sparsely needled tree native to California woodlands, that reaches heights from an impressive 35 feet to a stunning 105 feet.  Pinus sabiniana has several common names that are offer a much easier pronunciation – gray pine, foothill pine, digger pine and my favorite, ghost pine.

Striking, eh?  I would think… especially since tall, towering trees generally do capture our attention.  Am I alone?  Haven’t you ever stood or laid down under a tree and stared up into the branches?  Gazing… getting lost in thought?  Surely you have – it’s the perfect spot. I find it hypnotizing.  An ideal location for relaxing, daydreaming and achieving what comedian Martin Lawrence calls “woosah” when trying to find that inner peace!

Backtracking now… thinking about a busy Saturday at work.  The day consisted of me scurrying from one designer to the next, helping with clients, closing presentations and even covering the front desk for the receptionist’s lunch break.  Whew… at the end of the day, exhausted!  What’s a girl to do?  Haha – stop by the wine shop on the way home from work!

That night, in the mood for a red.  Could have grabbed an ol’ fav but a tall, slender bottle with an eerie label caught my eye.  Barren branches on two tall trees, one in the foreground, the other slightly fading in the distance (I was even attracted to the placement of the trees, intentionally off-center)… the haze of the sky, the darkness of the hills, the crisp font and the name… GHOST PINES.  After reading the descriptive notes on bottle, I was a sure and easy sale!

Naturally, I am eager to uncork.  Even more of an adrenaline rush… my husband, who is wedded to his imported beer and cognac, decided to join me for a glass.  So, here I go… uncork, pour through my aerator (blog on that forthcoming), inhale and sip.  Woooooooosaaaaaah!  And not just me – my husband as well!  Kudos to Michael Eddy, the winemaker and visionary behind this innovative blend — GHOST PINES Cabernet Sauvignon steps outside of the box and is absolutely marvelous! is your official resource, but let me just break it down for you…

Simply put, Micheal Eddy decided to be unconventional and integrate grapes grown in different winegrowing regions (his term – appellations) to create a diverse and notable blend.  GHOST PINES is the name of a historic vineyard where they find the grapes for their Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot – the website also gives a nod to the ghost pine tree, listing the unique characteristics of the tree to pay homage its namesake.

My take…

GHOST PINES Cabernet Sauvignon is overflowing with substance and bite.  I prefer full-bodied reds and this one doesn’t let me down.  Filled with noticeable flavors of black fruit, nuts and pepper… this wine leaves your mouth craving — better yet, YEARNING for the next sip!  It is a meaty, chewy, rich treat that entices every taste-bud on your tongue — basically, the wine is packed with tang!

Needlees to say, we finished the bottle.  Haha – believe it or not, he was drinking it faster than I!  We both found the wine to be amazing – and with each sip, we continued to be satisfied and surprised.  The taste of GHOST PINES just kept getting better and better.  Most definitely the perfect ending to such a hectic day.

Your turn to try… and at a price point of $15, this one will not even brake the bank!

Pssst… since it is the season of giving, this wine make the best hostess gift – especially if you are visiting me!  I’m just saying…



  1. Sounds absolutely devine….and everybody needs to WOOOSAH! I will be trying Ghost Pines! Thanks, Kisha!

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