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We are all looking for something…

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Perhaps it begins as a leisurely stroll?

Or, does it shift to hustle bustle?

Touch this.  Taste that.  Confined yet strategically structured kiosk placements, luring one to come -hither.  Crowds.  Crowded.  So please, don’t forget your manners!  The purchasing options are varied and plentiful.  The exposure for the vendors – surely they would easily proclaim “priceless!”

All in a day at Eastern Market… actually, if I am being honest, my very first day.  Yep… after living in the DC area for over two years, I have finally managed to partake in what many have established as routine.  A visit to one of DC’s oldest fresh food, arts & crafts public markets nestled in the historic Capital Hill neighborhood.  Haha… it appears that I am slowly stripping away my newcomer status, eh?  Wearing my favorite jeans, a black tee, a head scarf tied in an artsy side knot, and my “never leave home without them” sunglasses, I immersed myself in the market experience.  I was ready.  Eager to find inspiration… or that diamond in the rough.  Aligning myself with the drove, I was looking.  We all were looking for something…

Initially – sensory overload!  My shopping stride was staggered and rhythmless.  Stop.  Hmmm… need a plan of attack.  EUREKA!  Shift gears and follow my friend’s lead.  What at first resembled a labyrinth, quickly transformed into a fruitful path easy to navigate.  Vendor, after vendor, after vendor… some worthy of a glance others meriting my undivided attention.  Haha – borrowing from Jerry Maguire, the market had me at “hello!”   Now I understand the buzz… the fondness and allegiance felt by patrons.  Eastern Market is a hub – a nucleus – that supports and promotes the community… all the while, housing vendors with unique and desirable products – and enabling them to be profitable!

Yes… yes… an emphatic YES!  I am going back.  Surely, a multitude of reasons would spark my return… my artistic eye was appeased!  But for now, two reasons prevail.

Number one.  I discovered a vendor that carries vintage posters.  Some in frames, the others not – but in plastic sleeves, supported by cardboard to maintain their shape.  In my opinion, an amazing assortment and moderately priced.  If the vendor had been more engaging or even a bit friendlier, his link would have appeared here ______________.  At any rate, the subject matter of the posters was surprisingly unique – from vintage football images, black & white photos of the Negro (yes, Negro) League baseball teams, African safari images, French boudoir settings and jazz.  One Thelonious Monk poster is calling my name… actually my husband’s name!  Humph… still perplexed by the vendor’s lack of energy – but pushing my personal feelings aside, I will support his business — next visit!

Number two.  I found an African batik vendor!!!!!  Batiking is an art form that has always captured my attention and finally I have access to a local artist.  The vendor, from Kenya, was incredibly friendly – probably even flirtatious – especially when he saw the birthmark, reminiscent of the African continent, on my forearm.  Bordering stalking – he was adamant “You need to go to Africa!”  Even told me of a pub in a baobab tree that I should visit  Nonetheless… his abstract batik prints depict images such as women dancing, women carrying baskets on their heads and men hunting.  They are packed with vibrant colors, available in an array of sizes and (what seemed to be a common thread) reasonably priced.  I did purchase two 5″ x 7″ batiks for $10 each and even though I will have to frame them myself – I still consider it a steal!  Unfortunately, no link to post… I suppose you just have to visit Eastern Market and track down K’Owino Batiks.

Pretty snazzy market – bursting at the seams with selections – most definitely a place that I intend on frequenting!

Check it out:

Even walked away with a $5 bottle of Capital City Mumbo sauce for my husband.  Hey… he was born and raised in DC, that Mumbo sauce is sweet nostalgia!  Haha – probably should have put a bit more thought into that decision… for of course he wants fried chicken wings for the sauce.  But – did I mention that frying chicken is not one of my strengths?  DAMN!  What have I gotten myself into?!




…marsha, Marsha, MARSHA!

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No sir!

Not even making reference to The Brady Bunch… I am talking about my girl.  The one with the intoxicatingly melodic voice.  The one who releases her notes with sheer ease and perfection.  The one whose song writing skills captured the eye of Mr. Remarkable himself – Michael Jackson.  Yessssssss.  That’s her… The one.  The only.  Miss Marsha Ambrosius!

Pleeeeeeeeeeease tell me that you have knowledge of this captivating English songstress?!  You know – chick from the duo Floetry who is now doing her solo thing.  I do declare… when I hear her voice – THAT VOICE – it literally makes me want to utter the exact sentiment that your boy in Coming To America exclaimed when he extended his arm and touched King Jaffe Joffer’s pelt — “What is that?  Velvet!!”  Haha!  If you are unfamiliar, allow me to make the introduction and let you know that Marsha is a beast and has it going on… indubitably!

With that said, imagine how I felt when her facebook page that I “like” posted her upcoming tour schedule and DC was on the list… not only on the list, but the selected venue – the historic Warner Theatre – is perfect!  The completely renovated golden fortress is majestic… equally alluring as my beloved Marsha, especially since it provides its audience with a more than memorable experience… absolutely the ideal host for an intimate Marsha experience.  Betcha already figured this one out — I got tickets!!

Had to!  For far too long the attraction to this chick has been brewing.  Obviously, I have never met her… and I only know of her spirit via her facebook videos, youtube videos and her numerous television appearances –  but “something”… this distinct quality that she possess, feels like raw energy… like she is this down to earth, keeping it real, drop an expletive if need be, share a drink with you… you know – a REAL kind of girl — my kind of girl!   Nope… I am not a stalker.  Nor am I  secretly searching ebay for her discarded coffee cups and napkins for an eerie collection.  I am an admirer of her craft.  I am awed by her effortless delivery.  A lover of music… especially those that do it well and can sang!!!!  (Ummm… yes, I intentionally omitted the “i” and inserted an “a”… trust me, Marsha is worthy of the literary emphasis)


8th row orchestra seats, here I come.  Feeling like a child about to open a present, I am spewing with excitement and about to start putting “x” marks on my calendar as I count down the remaining 43 days!  Naturally, the process of selecting an ensemble worthy the night has begun.  What to wear… what to wear?  Fellas, this is such a girl thing, eh?!  Am I determined to shop my closet and create a striking outfit – or – perhaps a trip to a retail establishment in the near future?  Haha… not even worried about the clothing – I got this!  But, let it be known that with red lips intact, clutch in hand while strutting in a pair of mouth-watering heels… I plan on making an entrance!  (wink wink!)

I will say this… the only thing that could possibly make the night better would be a meet and greet… backstage passes… VIP status.  Yep.  I am dreaming.  BIG dreams!  Hmmmmm…. here’s a thought.  Maybe… just maybe I could post this somewhere and Marsha just might stumble upon my words and…

Naaaaaaaaah!  As much as I do love her… remember, I am not a stalker!

But check her out for yourself  at — Miss Marsha could be that new addition to your musical collection!



…walking into fall.

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After almost seven days of continuous rain and gray skies, I am utterly elated to see the sun!  My poor little raspberry floral umbrella hadn’t seen that much action in years… up – down – up – down… trust me, I gave each mechanical component of that circular canopy a rigorous workout!   If anything, the rainy weather  was confirmation that Washington state living isn’t for me.  Long lasting drizzles and cloudy days just aren’t appealing… they tend to whittle away at what I desire most — my happy disposition.

Which got me to thinking… mainly about some of the things that bring me joy.   As summer comes to a close and we all bid our farewells – it just hit me that the most intoxicating season now approaches.  How excited I am to greet my favorite time of the year and to be walking into fall!

We each have our favorite season, eh?  And for a variety of reasons.  Mmmmmmmmm… when I think of fall, it does make me tingle.  So much for my senses to absorb.  Inhaling the crisp air.  The spectacular color transformation of the leaves… and of course, the rustling sound they make as you traipse through them!  The return of pumpkin lattes, pumpkin bread and pumpkin cheesecake at my favorite eateries.  Haha – football?!  (As the wife of a former football player and a high school varsity football coach who is also a diehard Redskins fan, would you believe that I am still finding it difficult to acquire a love for the sport – baby steps).  Bottom line, the aesthetics of the season are noteworthy and fetching!  Irresistible I’d say.  Especially…

The fashions!

Yes sir!  Layers, layers and more layers.  Boots, boots and you simply can’t have enough BOOTS!  Whew… I would easily declare fall as the quintessential host for your wardrobe – effortlessly inviting your expressiveness and creativity!  I don’t know about you but I am eager to put my sweaters, jackets, scarves and boots back into rotation – probably even most eager to add pieces to my closet – for by far, this is the season in which designers put their best foot forward and introduce their premier collections –  the “must haves”, the most interesting silhouettes and the richest color assortments!!  Yes my friends, forget walking, I am happily falling into fall!

Come on now boys and girls… you do side with me, eh?  Secretly we are all in possession of a Sybil – you know, that Mr. or Mrs. Materialistic personality that adores how we wear our clothes and yearns to look good!  Haha… I’ve got one and she loves fall!  The fashion possibilities are abundant – such a democratic season – embracing and enhancing all body types.  What is not to love?!

Pulling back the reins… perhaps I might have become just a wee bit excited when conveying my adoration.  It is obvious – I am sure that you are aware of my ploy – the intent is to hook you too.  To make you walk with me… I mean seriously, aren’t you too in love with this splendid time of year?

Take your time.  I know I have said it before… but it is true, the love is inevitable!  Nonetheless, I will bet you this… after reading this post, it is only natural that when getting dressed in your fall garb, piling on the layers, zipping or tying up your boots – while peering in the mirror to admire your reflection – I bet you will think of me!




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Be forewarned… I am exercising a few creative liberties.

Hope you don’t mind, but this blog post is a much-needed departure and has absolutely nothing to do with my routine chitchat about fashion, wine and design.  I have unknowingly stumbled into this place… trying to flick off the “heebie -jeebies” that have somehow attached themselves to my skin… trying to STOP being such a brute and get my happy back… just trying to find and restore my balance.

Seriously, last week… I had my balance clenched tightly in my fist.  It was evident in my stride and the energy that it produced was magnetic.  But apparently, my grip wasn’t tight enough.  Balance – gone – and for now, I find myself not even wanting to be in my own company!  Funny how quickly your rhythm can shift, eh?!  As I sit in an empty house, peering out of the window, watching the leaves move with the wind… and the rain make scattered appearances, I wonder — am I alone?

Of course I am not alone!  I’m a smart girl.  I realize that no one is exempt from such feelings – what I probably should have said is “why don’t people talk about it?” – you never know… your story might be the stimulus for another.  Your story might offer antidote via humor.  Or, your story might simply provide confirmation that “it”, whatever “it” may be, happens to us all.

I must say, I do find it amusing the topics that some just refuse to entertain.  Perhaps I am the one who is too open with my thoughts and the things that I am willing to share.  Could it be that my liberal tongue is problematic for some… hmmmm, it’s a thought.  However, the intuitive me knows this to be true – sometimes things left unsaid fester, become toxic and wreak havoc on our health.  Nonetheless, I think it is obvious – there is a need for each of us to communicate our frustrations and release… especially what we fear most of divulging.  Come on now, aren’t we all secretly seeking confirmation that we aren’t crazy… that our feelings are justified… that we are right — right?!

Ahhhhh.  My sweet balance.  I know that we will soon reunite and I will regain that tight grasp!  Looking back, the events that led to my lapse are now becoming comical – haha – how selfish yet ingenious of me to use this blog post as therapy, eh?!  Hey…  whatever works – today, it appears that writing was a cathartic release.  Well, that and the song that I had on repeat while typing – – (stumbled upon this relaxing ditty on facebook and no matter what, it seems to offer solace and make me smile).  Yep.  The pep has returned.  Thinking that the chilled WHITEHAVEN Sauvignon Blanc in my fridge is calling my name!

Wow… I do feel as if I am getting off of the sofa and leaving a therapy appointment.  Hmmm – how much do I owe you?!  😉